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Body Groove HIIT DVD Collection




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Body Groove HIIT, Body Groove, Misty Tripoli

You’ve got to try Body Groove H.I.I.T.!

Body Groove H.I.I.T. is the fun, effective and totally doable at-home dance workout that is changing lives all over the world.

Short dances heat up your entire body

Each workout starts with some fun and easy dance routines to get your body in the perfect condition for a massively effective workout.

Then…it’s time for HIIT!

Short bursts of energetic dance

The next few dance routines in your workout will give you alternating dance movements that provide brief moments of high intensity, followed by recovery moves to let your strength rebuild.

Short workouts = Big impact…

These short moments of high intensity only last for a matter of seconds, but when you sequence them together in a HIIT workout, they trigger an amazing response in your body.

…a REALLY big impact!

An entire 30-40 minute HIIT workout has just a few minutes of high intensity, but because of the unique interval nature of these workouts, they will produce an energy surge in your metabolism for 12-24 hours!

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