Yes4All Power Rack Attachments – Fit 2×2, 2×3, 3×3 Square Tube Racks

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Yes4All Power Rack Attachments – Fit 2×2, 2×3, 3×3 Square Tube Racks




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Yes4All Power Rack J-Hooks are constructed of thick durable steel with black paint coating finish to last a lifetime. The J-Hooks come with thick rubber pad to reduce noise, as well as protect your barbell from damage. Simply secure the hook in place, so you can focus on your workout without worrying about hook slippage or movement.

03 hook size options available – sold in pairs:

  • 2×2”: for 2×2” power racks with 1” holes. Includes additional lock knobs
  • 2×3”: for 2×3” power racks with 5/8” holes or larger. Includes additional lock knobs
  • 3×3”: for 3×3” power racks with 5/8” or 1” holes (with tube adapter). Includes additional lock knobs, tube adapter and hex wrench to easily change the built-in tube’s diameter


Constructed of solid steel, Yes4All Weight Plate Holder promises a safe place to store your weight plates off the floor, making it the best alternative to the space-consuming weight plate trees. The sturdy pin set-up keeps everything in place; just slide pin into power rack’s hole and swing down to lock in place. This smart design also makes it more convenient for loading and unloading the weight plates.

  • 9” long extended weight plate holder sleeve which is 1” longer than most of other weight holders.
  • Easy to use with many 2×2” or 2×3” square tube power racks
  • 2” diameter for Olympic weight plates.


  • Make sure the hooks’ cylindrical built-in tubes are correctly inserted into designated rack holes
  • Both hooks must be installed at the exact same height on the rack
  • For extra security, use the equipped lock knobs to lock the hooks in place around the rack’s tubes

WARRANTY: 1-year warranty and 30-day return (contact seller for more information).

3-INCH X 3-INCH POWER RACKS COMPATIBLE (BUT NOT ALL – PLEASE CHECK YOUR RACK DIMENSIONS BEFORE PURCHASING): Yes4All 3×3” Power Rack J-Hooks are designed to fit 3-in x 3-in power racks with 5/8” holes or 1” holes using the included tube adapter
6MM THICK STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Constructed of 0. 25-inch thick gauge steel plate and covered with black paint coating finish, our 3×3” Power Rack J-Hooks to last for years of heavy usage without corrosion or breaking apart
HEAVY CAPACITY LOAD: Due to the strong construction, with the total weight capacity of the two hooks up to 1000lbs. Simply secure it in place and safely perform countless exercises, like Bench Pressing, Overhead Press, Barbell Shrug and more
UHMW PLASTIC PAD INCLUDED: The J-Hook is fully equipped with a thick padded rubber layer to reduce noise during your workout session and protect your barbell from damage
ADDITIONAL LOCK KNOB: Each 3×3” J-Hook comes with a lock knob to help better tighten the hooks in place around the rack’s tubes for extra security and prevent hook slippage

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