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Home » 8 Best Tennis Rackets: Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

8 Best Tennis Rackets: Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Best Tennis Rackets

8 Best Tennis Rackets: Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Here you will discover the best cheap tennis rackets of 2022, as well as a personalized selection for each style of play in each player, level of play, and use that you want to give it.

Whether you play singles and return strong groundstrokes from the baseline, or you play doubles and love serve and volley, in this article, you will find the best tennis racket for you.

Generally, when you buy a racket, you have to decide whether you value power, control, or something in between. Finding the racket that best complements your level and style of play requires careful consideration.

What to consider before buying a tennis racket?

There are several factors that you should stop and think about yourself and your needs to find out which racquet is the best for you. You can guide yourself more easily if you discover your style of play. For example, if you are a defensive player, it would be better to opt for a racket with greater power to get the ball from behind the baseline more easily.

Also, you can think about the use you will give it; if you are a casual or intensive player, you will have to choose between a more durable racket or a less durable one.

Your level of play also plays an extremely crucial role in your decision. There are tennis rackets for players with minimal experience, intermediate-level tennis players, and experts in this sport.

Finally, rackets can be very expensive, especially the high-end ones, so you should think about how much money you are willing to spend on your tennis racket not to be guided by emotion and buy the most expensive one that exists.

What Range of tennis racket to choose?

Low-end rackets: There are low-end rackets often made from cheaper materials like aluminum and are the ideal range for a beginning tennis player or one who plays tennis just for fun. They can also be second-hand tennis rackets.

Mid-range rackets: The tennis rackets midrange continue to maintain their material quality and durability yet lack these latest technologies in the world of tennis and opts for a simpler racket but, as previously said, maintaining its quality. I know they usually use materials such as fiberglass or carbon.

High-end rackets: Finally, there are high-end rackets whose technology is the latest generation. These are normally made of a privileged material in which he hit with the ball is excellent and unique.

Thanks to these materials such as graphite, titanium, or carbon; and the techniques implemented in its production, they form lighter rackets but at the same time with greater hitting power as well as control. But all this does not mean that there are not cheap and quality tennis rackets like the ones you will find in this Guide.

1. Babolat Pure Strike Racket

The Babolat Pure Strike tennis racket is a racket designed for competition as the player Dominic Thiem uses this racket, which shows his credibility as Thiem is one of the best players in the world.

This racket is similar to the famous Babolat Pure Drive as it increases its control and softens the hit with the ball, but the downside is that it is not suitable for all levels.

Babolat manages with this model to make it perfect for those tennis players who want to achieve power, control, and effects comfortably, making it the best tennis racket of 2022.

In addition, the new “stabilizer” technology takes care of stability and uses a frame of different shapes and thicknesses to reduce the torsion on impact. Although its price is high, from the point of view of an experienced tennis player, this tennis racket is worth it.

2. Seston Tennis Racket

Seston has a great variety of rackets for all levels, and this tennis racket is ideal for adults or youngsters as the racket’s weight is 270g but not for children as it can be a bit heavy for them. The 645cm2 Mid-Plus Head ensures considerable power and control levels that will be remarkable when playing tennis.

It is also made of aluminum, the most suitable material for any tennis racket. The lightweight head of the racket makes your swing easier and faster than a racket with a heavier frame. 

Finally, this product includes a tennis racket cover as an extra that you will surely appreciate for transporting the racket comfortably. This racket is one of the best to buy today in terms of value for money for all these reasons.

3. Wilson Blade 98

The Wilson Blade is quite a famous racket in the youth field as it is one of the lightest racquets that exist for adults. It only weighs 279g, which is a real pass.

This racket is not so recommended for beginners. However, it is ideal for intermediate-level players or even competitive players, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. With this racket, you will hit quickly and with very accurate precision and a hit with greater power without effort, thanks to its lightweight.

And not to forget its great control and wide rotation thanks to the 16×18 string. Its frame is made of high-quality carbon and has a minimalist and elegant design, one of the best on the market. For the more technical, this racket has a parallel perforation for minimal vibration and better control when hitting the ball.

Finally, it uses Countervail technology for greater power in the attack phase at the bottom of the court or when going up to volley. This could be the best option in terms of quality and price with the Babolat Pure Strike.

4. Wilson Tennis Racket

This tennis racket is perfect for beginners and intermediate players as it has a fast and fairly accurate stroke. It has a 720cm squared “paella” that is quite wide, and this means that you are more likely to hit the ball with the string than others with a less wide string. 

In addition, the racket is handled great and has amazing power shooting thanks to the Volcanic Framey powerful technology spin thanks to the rope 16 × 19 effortlessly.

Its high-quality graphite frame and its Stop Shock bearings offer maximum comfort. As if all this were not enough, the racket includes a 22-26kg tension string, which saves you money on buying the strings for the racket. 

And surprisingly, it is quite affordable for its quality, so this racket would also be a very good option for this year.

5. Wilson Kids Tennis Racket

Boys’ racket with an eye-catching Roger Federer design with a height of 1 meter and 1 meter 45cm or more. Vibration is low, and you get better control overblows thanks to QuadriForm technology. 

The interesting thing about this tennis racket for children is that it has a higher sweet spot, which means that it will be easier for the child to hit the ball more often at the perfect spot to get more power and a more fluid game.

This racket is very balanced, and its low weight of only 195g; learning the technique and hitting will be easier and more fun for children. This is hands down the best tennis racket for kids this year.

6. Babolat Nadal Jr 21 Racket

The Babolat Nadal Jr is especially recommended for children aged 10-11 as it is a perfect size. Now yes, younger children will have the opportunity to imitate their idol, Rafa Nadal, with this 58.4cm long junior tennis racket.

In addition, it is made of aluminum, is a material bit heavy, and has the same look and colors racket, Nadal.

7. Head Novak 25

This racket is also a highly recommended option for children tennis players since it only has a length of 63.50 cm. Other unique technologies such as The racket inserts moisture to improve vibration damping in return. 

It is also a tennis racket made of aluminum to have greater durability and maximum power when hitting the tennis ball.

It is a very light racket, ideal for any child who loves tennis, and includes a cover to prevent scratches on the racket’s head. Your child will be delighted with it and will enjoy tennis more thanks to its comfort.

8. Wilson US Open Kids Tennis Racket 

The Wilson US Open for Kids is perfect for kids just starting in tennis and is suitable for kids of any age as there are many different sizes of this tennis racket. 

It is very aesthetically appealing and weighs 186g which is the ideal weight for children to control the racket easily. And it’s 21 ‘ ‘ long, which is a great size for kids to enjoy the racket to the fullest.

The fast and precise strokes make it one of the most popular children’s rackets on the market and, surely, you and your child will also be satisfied. 

Its frame is made of high-strength and quality metal and has C-Beam technology for greater stability and control of the ball. Without a doubt, it deserves to be among the four best tennis rackets for children.

Characteristics Of Tennis Rackets

Lower Weight Rackets

They weigh less since the weight is reduced mainly in the racket’s handle while the head of the racket continues to maintain its original weight. Thanks to this, no power is lost in him, especially when he hits from the baseline.

The downside of these rackets is that there is the possibility that the vibrations in the handle when hitting the ball may increase, which then pass to the wrist, the elbow, and even the shoulder; These types of racquet defects cause many injuries, and it is best to use a racquet with a more balanced weight to have greater control.

However, suppose you have been using a less heavy racket all your life, and suddenly you change to a heavier one. In that case, you will feel that you do not feel comfortable because it will not feel stable and solid, but with time you will get used to it, and your game will improve significantly.

Rackets of greater weight

These rackets usually weigh between 311-370g and are undoubtedly the favorite of almost all professional ATP and WTA players. They are often known as the most balanced rackets and preserve the maneuverability that the best tennis rackets have.

In addition to this, they are usually the rackets that implement the latest tennis technologies since they are much more versatile rackets than the lighter ones. In short, they are mainly aimed at those who want great control and generate their power to have the best tennis racket for you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Tennis Rackets

What makes a tennis racket more powerful?

Probably the most influential racket variable is the size of the head. Larger head sizes create higher speeds of ball rebound and have a larger sweet spot–the area on the racket face where the ball rebound is the fastest and most accurate.

What is the difference between 16X19 and 18X20?

16X19 will give you more spin, power, and response. 18X20 will give more control but much less spin. Also, it will feel more solid (or dead, as some would say) and wil give you less power.

Why is the Wilson blade so popular?

So what makes the Wilson Blade such a great racket for competitive players? It’s all about feel. The combination of flexibility and stability found in Blade is designed to give competitive players a more connected-to-the-ball feel.

What racket does Federer use?

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Roger Federer currently uses a Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, often shortened to the RF97A. Federer has used this frame since 2014, and the only changes since have been the paint jobs for different seasons and limited edition colours used at the Laver Cup.

Are heavier tennis rackets better?

Weight: A heavy racquet is more powerful, more stable and transmits less shock than a lighter racquet (all other things being equal). The extra weight of a heavy racquet helps it win the battle at contact when the stringbed collides with the ball.

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