A Christian Perspective on Kinesiology 2021

A Christian Perspective on Kinesiology 2021

Having labored within the conventional and different well being subject because the early seventies, I’ve seen a whole lot of issues that I actually noticed the advantages of, and issues that I questioned the worth of. Nevertheless, nothing has impacted my very own well being or my serving to others with their dietary wants as a lot as Utilized Kinesiology.

I first noticed Kinesiology at Naropa Institute in Boulder Colorado lengthy earlier than I used to be saved. I noticed and was examined on toleration of an apple. As my arm went down whereas testing, I had a humorous feeling, however I knew that as a baby I by no means actually preferred or did that properly on apples.

I actually dismissed this later after I grew to become a Christian as just a few extra New Age junk, and denounced it together with all the opposite New Age nonsecular issues I had opened myself as much as. I continued within the dietetics career as a Registered Dietitian at clinics and hospitals and did not give it one other thought till years later, as my very own well-being was failing, and conventional medication was no assist.

A Christian Perspective on Kinesiology 2021

A born once more Christian did a really thorough muscle testing on me, and I did not have that humorous feeling any extra. She really pinpointed precisely what was happening, and additional extra, examined me on some herbs and dietary supplements that labored higher than anything I had tried. I spotted at that time that the humorous feeling I had was from somebody who was not of God testing me and doubtless affecting me with spirits not of God.

You see, my mom was actually praying for me at the moment. However, I additionally wished to get affirmation from the Lord that this was not taking part in with evil spirits or something not of Him. We have been shopping for a well-being retailer by which the clientele was constructed on kinesiology to a terrific extent,

and they might anticipate me to proceed to serve to them in the identical approach, so I actually needed to do some soul looking to ensure I used to be on observe. A month earlier than I had prayed a prayer of settlement with my pastor’s spouse that I might discover a job within the pure well-being subject, and two weeks later this chance fell into my lap!

What Christians Should Know About Applied Kinesiology 2021

The Lord first started to cope with me on the physiology of the human physique… the truth that it’s electrical. Our coronary heart and muscle groups contract from electrical energy…our nerve impulses are transmitted by electron costs throughout the synapses of our dendrites…sodium, potassium, magnesium, and extra, have electrical costs, and are transferred out and in of our cells by electrical costs.

He additionally jogged my memory in regards to the meridians within the physique, which seem like electrical present traces by way of our system. He additionally jogged my memory about lie detector assessments which very objectively measure our electrical response to phrases being spoken. I quickly realized that this was only a bodily property of the physique, and that the physique might reply to stressors, substances, and even phrases in a constructive or detrimental approach.

The Lord additionally jogged my memory of the boys who weren’t the direct disciples of Jesus that have been praying within the identify of Jesus, and other people have been being healed. When the disciples questioned Jesus about their proper to do that, or their religious correctness, Jesus replied, ” They who usually are not in opposition to us are with us”. I actually continued questioning as I attended extra seminars and teachings on muscle testing and studying about utilized kinesiology as a department of Chiropractic care.

A Christian Perspective on Kinesiology 2021

What actually confirmed for me that it was a legitimate casual response of the physique and one thing that may very well be useful as a Christian to assist others was one fall in a Kenneth Hagin Holy Ghost assembly. He was prophesying, and in the course of the prophesy mentioned, “electrical energy is the bodily energy of the physique…the anointing is the religious energy of the physique.”

From that point on, I’ve felt open to having the Lord use me within the space of kinesiology to assist individuals with their well being. I nonetheless preserve an ear open to the Lord in case something adjustments. I keep within the phrase and prayer and subjected to Godly leaders to ensure I’m on the precise path and do not distort or get in error within the subject of pure well being. I do really feel that individuals have to be cautious who they go to for kinesiology, therapeutic massage, chiropractic, or any bodily care, so they are not subjected to somebody who’s contacting ungodly spirits.

I additionally imagine a Christian who is robust in religion ought to inform a well being care practitioner that he IS a Christian, and can solely use his companies if they may respect his religion and never be praying to or contacting no matter whereas of their presence. Typically you’re in a disaster scenario and haven’t any different selection for you or a cherished one, however it’s superb how God can take over and take cost in a scenario when a christian will communicate in religion and stand his floor. Keep in mind, Love by no means fails! 1Cor 13

A Christian Perspective on Kinesiology 2021

Additionally it is necessary to keep in mind that kinesiology is like asking a baby a query: you do not get all of the solutions, neither is it a medical analysis..it’s merely an indicator of organ or methods within the physique which can be weak or in stress, and which herbs, meals, or vitamins check essentially the most constructive at the moment to supply steadiness or dietary help for the physique to heal itself.

Do not throw frequent sense out the window as you take a look at the large image of your bodily, emotional, and religious well-being. It’s my prayer that if you’re questioning the security or bodily validity of kinesiology, that my testimony places you at peace and in contact with the Lord, and his pathway of therapeutic for you. He desires you properly!

All Christians who are considering visiting an Applied Kinesiologist (AK) should read the following information. If you are unfamiliar with Applied Kinesiology, please first refer to the article archives under the topic, Applied Kinesiology, which defines AK and outlines necessary details.

A Christian Perspective on Kinesiology 2021

As a Christian, you have a duty to guard your mind and your soul to any and all influences that may lead you astray from the simple truth of the Gospel (see Scripture list below #1) and the practice of holy living. You have been equipped with spiritual armor, both offensive (see Scripture list below #2) and defensive. (see Scripture list below #3 & 4)

I say this because the thrust of this article will be the examination of the entire medical system, both alternative and allopathic (traditional), through the filter of the Christian worldview.

Having done so, we will discover that there are many unsound and sometimes life-threatening practices that Christians regularly accept and participate in, while at the same time fearing other less-understood practices without cause.

I am sometimes asked whether Christians should use Applied Kinesiology (AK) as a viable form of healthcare. Sincere questioners are concerned for the following reasons:

A Christian Perspective on Kinesiology
A Christian Perspective on Kinesiology

What is the Christian perspective?

Christian worldview (also called Biblical worldview) refers to the framework of ideas and beliefs through which a Christian individual, group or culture interprets the world and interacts with it.

What is the Christian perspective on diversity?

For Christians, the practice of multicultural diversity is motivated by love for God and therefore by love for other human beings. Since God is the Father and Creator of all, his love rests upon all, even upon those who reject him.

What is the essence of being a Christian?

The essence of being a Christian is following Christ not a denomination, Church, or Catholic Priest. Being born again filled with the spirit of God, filled with the Holy Spirit, and seeking after his ways. Walking in love and obeying his commandments.

A List of Christian Values
Generosity – This is the core Christian value of being kind and unselfish, especially with our money and time. …
Courage– The value is characterized by boldness and confidence. …
Love – Love is a fundamental characteristic of who God is and it’s a value that is to describe His children as well.

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