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Home » 9 Addidas Back Packs Duffel, Bookbags, Luggage Travel Gear, Men Women 2022

9 Addidas Back Packs Duffel, Bookbags, Luggage Travel Gear, Men Women 2022

9 Addidas Back Packs Duffel, Bookbags, Luggage Travel Gear, Men Women 2022

9 addidas back packs Duffel, Bookbags, Luggage Travel Gear, Men Women 2022

If you like sports activities or are simply one of those who cannot go out without carrying a backpack, you will know the importance of having a spacious and resistant model to take everything you need.

In addition to that, color, design, and price are also essential aspects relevant when choosing our ideal backpack. That is why Adidas has been concerned for years to provide us with the best option for accessories, clothing, and much more.

Although there is a wide variety of models on the market, we will show you the most outstanding ones to help you choose your ideal Addidas Back Packs.

Comparison Table of the Best Addidas Back Packss – TOP 4

What is the Best Addidas Back Packs?

backpack is a bag or sack used to transport various personal items, be it clothing, notebooks, food, etc.; it distributes your weight on both shoulders for ease of use.

They are generally manufactured with resistant or waterproof materials that protect them from external agents such as rain, splashes, or blows. They are not affected in the long term and maintain their design.

Some have pockets on the outside and even on the inside. In this way, users can distribute their belongings more quickly and conveniently.

Today, the models that we will present include some of these characteristics. In addition, we will give all its details so that you can determine the one that best suits your needs. As well as in the table above, we will help you compare them to evaluate them and decide which Addidas Back Packs is the most suitable for you.

1. Best Addidas Back Packs on the Market

What is the best Addidas Back Packs?

If you dedicate yourself to sports professionally, there is no room for the possibility that you are in the wrong entry on this blog. As many know and recognize, Adidas is a brand that does not give rise to second alternatives: choose the best for the athlete who wants to succeed, and we also want you to achieve it.

In this post, we will introduce you to a brand that is recognized worldwide for its line of backpacks that guarantees good quality and durability. 

We are talking about a sports brand that has not gone unnoticed in the international market, Adidas. It is among the leading companies in supplying articles clothing in the sports sector; its sponsors highly recognize it to different teams, a fundamental pillar in its commercial career.

We say that it is a brand that stands out working the line seriously, resulting in unique designs and excellent value in its methods and durability. For seven decades, it has been synonymous with excellence. It is why we consider that presenting  Adidas brand backpacks is not only the right decision but THE decision.

2. Which Adidas brand backpack to choose?

Topping list of backpacks, we bring a mainly classic design traditional Adidas brand print but the best backpack design technologies. This model comes with two main pockets of considerable size. The front pocket closes with a zipper; it includes a compartment to store the mobile phone.

Then there is the main compartment, a larger opening. It is a medium to small size backpack but very spacious. It includes both straps to carry it on the back and a handle to take it from the top. Both supports are double reinforced and coated to ensure the backpack’s durability.

The backpack measurements are 50 cm high by 50 cm long and 30 cm wide. Thanks to this exceptionally spacious design, you can carry all your belongings without losing style. The capacity backpack is 25 liters. In addition, the plan is with polyester fabric that guarantees the durability of both the design and the material as support.


  • Design – Classic, unisex, and with the brand’s logo.
  • Easy to wash – Machine washable.
  • More resistant – Made with the best 100% original materials.
  • Spacious – You can easily carry a laptop and other personal items.


  • Waterproof – It is not a waterproof model.

3. Adidas Bp Classic M Adicolor Pink – delicate and showy

Secondly, to continue the series of Addidas Back Packs, we present a unisex design in pink that stands out among the others, being a particularly delicate line. If you are looking for a feminine model that highlights your curves and adapts to your size to look beautiful casual, this is the option you have been waiting for.

We are talking about the Pink Classic Bp backpack. This design stands out for women to combine athleticism and femininity within sports backpacks.

Its capacity, like its sister, the Trefoil backpack, described above, is 25 liters. This measure is on the border between large, medium-sized packs. You can carry books various objects thanks to this bag. Its measurements are 24 cm by 36 cm by 45 cm.

This model comes with two main pockets of considerable size. The front pocket closes, a zipper; it includes a compartment to store the mobile phone. Then there is the main compartment, a larger opening.

It includes both straps to carry it on the back and handle it from the top. Both supports are double reinforced coated to ensure the backpack’s durability. The material is entirely Nylon and synthetic. Thanks to this, it has a delicate sheen similar to leatherette.


  • Wide – Inside you can carry your laptop, books, jeans, T-shirts and more.
  • Design – Classic, urban, and square.
  • Comfortable – Its posts are adjustable and padded for comfort.
  • Easy to wash – Machine washable.


  • Bottle – You cannot bring a bottle of water.

4. Adidas Asbp Ms3- Small and light

To vary a bit with the design line presented in the other posts, we bring the Adidas Asbp Ms3 backpack. A medium, very light backpack is ideal for sports contexts of hiking or athletics, in which you have to carry some small objects that accompany us without supposing a great load. They often use it to take to the gym or hiking activities and a lot of movement. Its measurements are 15 x 30 x 46 cm.

It has four pockets. First, a main zippered compartment. Then a front zippered pocket. And finally, two mesh side pockets, small but effective when putting small objects. Its material is synthetic, insulates moisture, and is very light. It has good ventilation.

It is an ergonomic model. It has two adjustable shoulder straps with padding for the comfort of those who handle the backpack. In addition, it is made of breathable mesh. Very resistant and takes the shape of the objects that are inside.


  • Design – Modern, casual, ideal for everyday wear.
  • Good size – Its interior is of a good size; take your objects protected.
  • Easy to clean – Machine fit.
  • Lightweight – It weighs very little, and thanks to its padded straps, it is my dresser.


  • It is not waterproof – It resists a little water, but it is not waterproof.

5. Adidas Melange – Designed for men

We are finishing with the best Addidas Back Packs, and we bring in position number four, an option that many men choose because its back design is square-shaped. We are talking about the Adidas Melange Classic Men’s backpack. With a classic line and the traditional Adidas logo stamped on the front pocket, it is undoubtedly a practical design where you can carry your objects comfortably and safely.

This model is new; it was designed in 2018. With one hundred percent polyester fabric, durability is assured. Thanks to this sporty but exquisite line model that Adidas presents, you can carry all your belongings comfortably and safely. In addition, the closures are zippered. Securing the objects inside allows everything to be protected from any eventuality.


  • Interior – Lined, well-sized, and pocket-sized for better organization.
  • More robust – Made of quality materials and coated with TPE.
  • Design – Urban and with a front pocket.
  • More comfortable – Its shoulder straps are padded and breathable.


  • No compartment – For the laptop.

6. Adidas A Classic S3 – Adaptable to your figure

To finish with this list, but not for that reason being a less advantageous option than the previous ones, we bring a classic, ergonomic model, made of material adaptable to the woman’s back. Medium in size, available in black, blue, or red, this backpack is presented as a handy and practical object for transporting different things sporty but no less elegant or distinguished than other backpacks.

This model comes with two main pockets of considerable size. The front pocket closes a zipper; it includes a compartment to store the mobile phone. Then there is the main compartment, with a larger opening.

It is an ergonomic model. It has two adjustable shoulder straps with padding for the comfort of those who handle the backpack. In addition, it is made of breathable mesh. Very resistant and takes the shape of the objects that are inside.


  • Design – Casual, with the brand’s logo and combined with everything.
  • Easy to carry – Thanks to its padded and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Spacious – Good size interior with front pocket.
  • Easy to wash – Can be machine washed or hand washed.


  • Fabric – The fabric it is made of is a bit thin.

6. Why choose Adidas brand backpacks of 2021?

Addidas Back Packs are designed with the best fabrics. Today, sports lines choose polyester over other materials for its excellent durability. But far from falling into the monotony of products, Adidas also uses synthetic or Nylon when thinking about the designs of its backpacks.

There is a backpack for every personality; each bag is a beautiful example of everything that good faith and the most capable designers on the market can achieve with work and years of dedication.

Adidas launches a series of backpacks on the market ideally suited to your recreational and sports activities. We say it is a brand that stands out working the sports line seriously, resulting in unique designs of great value in its methods and durability. Each adapts to different contexts and situations, resulting in reliable and versatile products.

7. The most prestigious brand in the world of backpacks

The Adidas brand has been around for several decades. It is a German multinational company that was founded in 1946. From the beginning, it was established as a line of sports products that offered its customers the best quality in the design of its products

 Within what is the sports category, you can find an endless number of Adidas products, both elements for practicing sports and features to accompany the process of performing sports.

Adidas is a brand that provides sports clubs and the world of sports with endless elements and tools that enhance the possibilities offered in this area every day. 

It has been a supplier to large sports houses and has contributed to the world of sports today, involving and acquiring its dimensions worldwide.


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Addidas Back Packs

Addidas Back Packs – Prices

Establishing the value of a backpack will depend on various factors, be it the price or the features they can offer to users.

In this way, the design, color, material, size, and even practicality are aspects that will make the difference when establishing an ideal budget or cost.

It should be noted that these vary from one model to another, so there are monetary differences, although they meet the same objective. 

The models that we have presented in this comparison are in the range of € 8.90 and € 90. 

It happens mainly due to the materials of its manufacture.

Because for example, our cheapest model is the second one, designed mainly for carrying things on our training days. On the contrary, the third Backpack reaches a much higher price for resistance, design, and size factors.

Despite this, we can say that they are accessible items. Everything will depend on your budget and the requirements you have in mind to choose your ideal Backpack.

Opinions about Addidas Back Packs

The evaluation of users about Amazon Backpacks is very positive, noting their great practicality and efficiency.

They emphasize their loyalty to the brand by offering articles that last over time without losing quality.

They also indicate their liking for the designs used and is that the handling of colors, styles, and simplicity allows you to reach a reasonably broad audience without restrictions.

Likewise, they find the pockets that most models have very practical, both internally and externally; thanks to them, it is easier to distribute your belongings. They mention that they are delighted with their manufacturing materials as they are generally quality and durable.

On the other hand, sometimes users have problems with the seams or zippers of the backpacks. They even return the item a few days after purchasing it.

Likewise, they indicate that not all of them are suitable for use daily or to carry too much weight; some are limited to sports, others for school, and others for casual days.

Conclusions Which Addidas Back Packs to Buy?

As we immersed ourselves in the world of sports, we began to want all the supplements that enhance and facilitate our experience. One of the most essential is the Backpack.

And not only in the sporting aspect, but backpacks are also essential. Every day, we need one to go to school, work, or spend a day with friends.

The famous brand Adidas is not far behind in this regard. Known for their high quality and reasonable prices, they have offered us products endowed with durability, style, and originality for years.

Their backpacks vary in sizes, colors, and presentations so that users can choose the one that best suits their needs and budget.

In this case, we have compared four excellent models of the brand. The only necessary thing is that you choose the copy that best suits your situation, so we can do a brief review of those we show you here to help you make the final decision.

Best Addidas Back Packs of 2021 – COMPARISON

You could go for the A Adidas Lin Core BP, the best-selling Backpack with excellent resistance. It is also a classic and unisex design that adjusts to almost any situation.

In the second place, we have the A Adidas Trefoil, a model designed for those who love sports requiring a higher practicality level. Despite its lightweight, it is large enough to hold everything you need on a training day.

In the same way, you can consider the A Adidas Lin per BP,  which is worth it despite being the most expensive model in our comparison. It’s durable, classic, and has waterproof protection inside. 

Finally, we have the A Adidas Bp Clas Trefoil, the model with the best quality/price ratio in our comparison. In addition, it has four different presentations that will allow you to choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Refine by department

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Girls’
  • Boys’
  • Unisex

Images for Adidas Backpacks

  • schoolpinkwomens
  • greyblack
  • blue
  • green
  • classic
  • floral
  • white
  • red
  • purple
  • mens
  • cuteyelloworange
  • tealmini
  • small
  • navy blue

Frequentlly Asked Questions: Best Addidas Back Packs

Are Adidas backpacks good? – Best Addidas Back Packs

Stylish and functional, they’re the essential bag for carrying your Adidas gear and more. Adidas backpacks stay true to brand with simple details, quality closures, and, of course, their signature tri-stripe logo. While Adidas backpacks are often used by athletes, they’re equally popular for commuters and students.

How long do Adidas backpacks last? – Best Addidas Back Packs

Adidas Lifetime Warranty for backpacks ensures that products should be resilient in materials and workmanship for up to five years. The company also reserves the right to decide whether the product is defective due to normal wear-and-tear.

Is the Adidas prime v backpack waterproof? – Best Addidas Back Packs

The adidas prime v backpack is ready to take on any adventure. This features shock-absorbing shoulder straps, two large compartments, storage for a 15.4 laptop, media pocket, dual water bottle pockets and a water resistant base.

What is load spring Adidas? – Best Addidas Back Packs

A durable backpack made for easy transport.

The roomy bag has side mesh pockets, a front zip pocket and a padded laptop compartment. Side straps let you compress the size to accommodate your load. Shock-absorbing Loadspring shoulder straps offer a comfortable transport.

How many liters is an Adidas backpack? – Best Addidas Back Packs

Adidas also clearly places a focus on comfort, with padded shoulder straps and ample room inside for all your gear. The Creator backpack, for example, offers over 40 liters of space inside, with most Nike backpacks capping out at around 25-35 liters.

Where are Adidas backpacks made? – Best Addidas Back Packs

According to the Adidas Group, 27 percent of all the company’s factories are located in China. China has 337 factories, followed by India with 99, Indonesia with 79 and Vietnam with 76.

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