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Home » 15 All Paintball Guns, Paintball Marker Kits Speedball Gun Packages 2022

15 All Paintball Guns, Paintball Marker Kits Speedball Gun Packages 2022

15 All Paintball Guns, Paintball Marker Kits Speedball Gun Packages 2022

15 All Paintball Guns, Paintball Marker Kits Speedball Gun Packages 2022

Browse a wide range of modern designs paintballs guns on Buyers can buy these weapons at unbeatable prices and deals. They are available in various sizes, colours, designs and patterns depending on the client’s abilities and preferred playstyle. The Paintball guns for children are safe and provide a unique and exhilarating sport. Various paintball games can be played with them, such as stage, speedball, forest ball and many more.

Visit for competitive prices and deals on paintball guns. They are lightweight to allow young or old players to handle and shoot quickly. They have a plastic lid and an aluminium tank, making them tough and durable in the field. The guns paintball bunker with handguards is used to protect the hand while shooting. They have a feeder that controls the number of balls that pass into the firing chamber. Best Sellers: The most popular items on Amazon

Paintball snipersThey have butts that slide over the barrel used to contain CO2 and improve the shots’ stability. They have barrels that are used to stabilize the ball before firing. The speed adjusters used to control the speed the balls travel can adjust for short or long distances. The paintball guns have rails on the site, used to align the shots before shooting. They are semi-automatic, which means the rounds can be released by pressing the trigger.

Explore through a wide selection of paintball unreliable, safe and automatic. Buy high-quality pistols at competitive prices and deals on Order online for quality service and super fast delivery. Paintball gun customization is available in bulk order.


As one of the largest oldest paintball retailers in the German-speaking world, we offer you a great selection of paintball markers from all major brands. You will find all current models of paintball markers, as well as the best sellers of recent years and evergreens from major brand manufacturers.

In general, we offer you the Paintball Sports sports marker models of about 20 of the most recognized brands worldwide. From inexpensive beginner paintball markers to expensive high-end models with many features and settings, everything is there to make you successful in the sport of paintball.


The first question should ask yourself as a player is, ” What kind of paintball player am I? it is understood, in what terrain it moves in the sport of paintball. – If you are looking for more of the adrenaline rush and Junky action in the aggressive and youthful-looking tournament in the supra box, or maybe you are in the Woodland & Scenario player category, you are more interested in a realistic-looking scoreboard in shape. Assault rifle or pistol. ?

15 All Paintball Guns, Paintball Marker Kits Speedball Gun Packages 2022
Paintball Guns Best Sellers: The most popular items on Amazon

When this initial question has been answered, you’ve already taken a big step toward your new paintball marker and are definitely on your way to finding a model that will make your game as fun as possible.


This question is answered very simply. Paintball markers for sports tournaments are characterized by a very minimalist design. It’s about performance and function, less about looks martial appearance. Modern Paintball Tournament Marker is a high-tech product optimized for weight and packed with sensors, displays, and other features that ensure you get the most out of your device.

In short, a tournament scoreboard is about weight, accuracy, air efficiency, handling, and overall performance.

On the other hand, Woodland paintball markers have an utterly different house number. For one thing, they’re cheaper, which in turn leaves less air for something like lightweight construction or added features. For these models, manufacturers rely primarily on optics and robust artistry. Most Woodland gamers buy not only for performance but for optics as well. The marker should be as realistic as possible and is often similar to well-known weapon models such as the AR15 assault rifleMP5 machine gun, or pistols like pistols.

15 All Paintball Guns, Paintball Marker Kits Speedball Gun Packages 2022

Since Woodland paintball markers are used in a completely different environment as tournament markers, they must also be much more stable. It is not uncommon to find concrete subfloors, deep trenches, mud, dust, and other external influence in Woodland fields. Many tournament markers give up quickly in this environment as they are designed to be used on relatively clean and unobstructed supra pitches. As you can tell, Woodland and Scenario Markers are tough to work tools in harsh environments. Best Sellers: The most popular items on Amazon

Another important aspect is the mounting of accessories. Tournament leaderboards are, as mentioned above, straightforward. It is aimed at the race, and that’s it. The replica markers used in the forest, on the other hand, are used to mount accessories such as observation devices, carrying handles, etc.

Paintball players who use such a marker generally equip and customize it, which is much better with Woodland markers than more superficial tournament markers.


In principle, there are three common operating principles in paintball markers: the single chargers, the so-called pump action markers, the semi-automatic recoil markers, and finally, the very high-quality electronic pneumatics, which is mainly located in the tournament area. Here we explain the small but delicate differences in function.


The classic and inexpensive boot marker is a single magazine before the player must operate a reload lever for each shot. IK It is usually under the barrel and needs to be withdrawn once and then pushed forward again. On the one hand, this pumping action restricts the marker system and ensures that the next shot can be fired, and at the same time, a new coloured ball is also loaded into the barrel. A straightforward system that is robust and cheap at the same time is ideal for newcomers.


Blowback markers are all models that automatically tighten due to the air used during shooting. These paintball markers are semi-automatic, which means that every time the trigger is pressed, a paintball is fired. Blowback markers work on the same principle, even if there are different valve and bolt systems.

A heavy bolt, a so-called hammer, is accelerated by spring force or air and pricks a back pressure valve, similar to what one would expect from a bicycle tire, for example. The air that comes out causes the hammer to return to the initial position, and thus the recharge cycle begins. 

15 All Paintball Guns, Paintball Marker Kits Speedball Gun Packages 2022
Paintball Guns Best Sellers: The most popular items on Amazon

At the same time, a part of the outgoing air is deflected over the bolt inside the marker and directed to the ammunition chamber in which the paintball is located. 

This air then accelerates the ball out of the barrel. After the ball is thrown and the hammer is locked back in its original position, the marker immediately fires. Everything that happens in a fraction of a second is almost invisible to the naked eye. These markers can quickly reach a cadence of8 to 10 rounds per second in some cases.


First-class paintball markers form the so-called E-pneumatic. Although these also work with air, like all other marker models, they are distributed and processed differently within the title.

All electro pneumatics Current models have a low-pressure regulator, which in the first step guarantees that the air with which the marker operates is already lowered at the entrance to the quality, up to approximately 20% of the working pressure that a regular recoil marker uses.

 Inside the E-pneumatic paintball marker, the valves and bolt play more differences throughout the shot. The air is distributed much smoother on the ball, which allows very brittle paintballs.

To explain the essential characteristic of an E-Pneumatic in one sentence, these markers use the same amount of air but use it differently and significantly more efficiently. Use less pressure with considerably more volume.

8. We show you the best paintball guns on the market – Paintball Guns

The tactical nature of paintball makes it a fun and dynamic way to get some exercise and blow off some steam. Gambling requires physical skill and is a great way to develop problem-solving and – trust us – other cognitive skills. If you want to get fully into this entertaining world, here we show you the best paintball guns you can buy. You can choose between models like the Tippmann Cronus of aggressive style or the Dye M3 + until the Walther; each user has a type of gun. Best Sellers: The most popular items on Amazon

9. Take a look – Paintball Guns

  • Best Low Cost: Tippmann Cronus
  • Best small chassis: Empire Paintball Mini GS
  • Best for the outdoors: Planet Eclipse Etha 2
  • Best for Hyperfast Play: Empire Paintball BT Defender
  • Best Splurge: Dye M3 + MOSair Paintball Marker
  • Best pistol: Umarex T4E Walther PPQ
  • Best long distance: Tippmann A5 Sniper
15 All Paintball Guns, Paintball Marker Kits Speedball Gun Packages 2022
Paintball Guns

10. Tippmann Cronus: the best low-cost option – Paintball Guns

The Tippmann Cronus range is an excellent way for beginners to get into the game with a reliable pistol that won’t break them. It’s also a great option as a secondary pistol with high-end features and plenty of customization options for the future.

Includes a removable tank shield with plenty of room for customization, including red dots and grips. The composite shell is very durable and aggressively tactical in style. It is very balanced, and an aligned bolt system keeps things in place and stable over time.

It is a reliable option for beginners and intermediate users who want experience with a tactical-style pistol but are not willing to make the jump to a high-end model. Also, as you increase your skills, Tippmann offers many customization options.


11. Empire Paintball Mini GS – Best for Small Frames – Paintball Guns

The Mini GS is an excellent alternative for gamers who want speed and precision without carrying much weight. This version comes with improved grips and an aluminum tank. It features a weather-resistant chassis and self-lubricating brushing for less trigger pull despite its small size.

One-button tank removal is straightforward, but you’ll have to remove a screw to get to the pressure-controlled motor. Minimal recoil and very little noise prevent it from revealing your position, while multiple shooting options offer plenty of possibilities at your angle of attack. You can customize things internally to suit your unique playing style and circumstances better. Best Sellers: The most popular items on Amazon

It will not be comfortable for larger frames because the lightweight material can decontaminate slightly without the correct size. However, this can be a great alternative if you don’t like big guns.


Paintball Guns

12. Planet Eclipse Etha 2 – Best for all types of weather – Paintball Guns

The Etha 2 is a very reliable and versatile paintball pistol with lots of technology to ensure you have an advantage. It’s .68 gauge with an ultra-durable chassis and patented Gamma Core spool valve to withstand all types of terrain and weather. Hot or cold, this pistol is always ready to fire.

It has an ultra-sensitive trigger with a hole-free system to prevent leaks and is connected to a microswitch. A fully adjustable circuit board gives you more control, so switching between shooting modes is more natural. LED indicators are universal for monitoring settings.

If you tend to play outside in all kinds of weather, this is a great option. It allows you a lot of freedom of play without having to worry about changes in temperature or other environmental contingencies.


13. Empire Paintball BT Dfender – Best for Hyperfast Gaming Paintball Guns

For those looking for a clean line of sight, the BT Defender takes a unique and aggressive approach: it removes the magazine from its typical location at the top of the pistol and places it in the stock. The result is a pistol with a comprehensive line of sight.

The selector enables five shooting modes, while the housing is ultra-durable to withstand various weather conditions. It fits nicely on your arm for shooting mode while on the go, and the hyperfast shot will help you without sacrificing accuracy.

You get a simple yet ultra-fast gaming experience for when you’re pinned down and need to make a significant impact quickly and accurately. Plus, the aggressive styling looks great in action.


14. Dye M3 + MOSair Paintball Marker – Best Burst – Paintball Guns

The M3 + is one of the most advanced options on the market, priced in line with its performance, but it makes up for it. You can customize almost every aspect of this pistol with a range of finishes.

The pistol has no exposed screws or plates, instead opting for the Dye’s Slide And Lock Airport (SLAP). It offers optimized flow control and a two-speed function with a smooth initial release for precision and a speed-up operation for tracking. The BWing21 Mag-Reach trigger adds speed of fire with reduced feedback. It is without a doubt the paintball gun of the future. Best Sellers: The most popular items on Amazon

This device is incredibly light and packed with high-tech features.

$ 1,595 IN ANS GEAR

15. Umarex T4E Walther PPQ – The best pistol -Paintball Guns

This pistol offers a realistic 9mm design with plenty of room for customization like a handgun. It’s heavy but well balanced in your hand with a durable chassis and a powerful kick. It may not be your primary weapon, but it will undoubtedly serve you well for shooting left and right.

It has an adjustable rear sight and comes with an eight-shot magazine. It is powered by CO2 and features a Picatinny rail for attaching a laser or other companies. It supports a wide variety of ammunition with .43 caliber paintballs, dustballs, or rubber balls and firing power of up to 355 feet per second. It can also use on waist holsters.

How much do a paintball gun cost?

Generally, the cost of paintball guns varies a lot. You can find them for as low as $100 and as high as thousands of dollars. The real cost in paintball is not the gun itself, but the accessories that you need to keep using it on a regular basis. A half decent paintball gun will set you back between $100-200 bucks.

Can paintball guns be used for self defense?

Did you know that paintball guns are great for self defense too? Yes, they are! Paintball markers are a very effective and non-lethal way to protect your loved ones, your property, and your home in these times.

Do paintball guns hurt?

It’s very common for players to feel a slight sting, similar to a firm flick on the arm. The pain is minor and typically fades quickly. While most hits are insignificant, a paintball can cause bruises and welts. The severity depends on the speed of the ball, the distance the ball travels, and where it hits your body.

15 All Paintball Guns, Paintball Marker Kits Speedball Gun Packages 2022 Best Sellers: The most popular items on Amazon

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