Atkins Vs Paleo – What Works and What Doesn’t

Lately I’ve seen quite a lot of web sites and books make comparisons between the Paleo Eating regimen and the Atkins eating regimen. “It is like Atkins,” they are saying, “however you possibly can eat fruit!” I perceive that lots of people in our neighborhood try to transform non-believers from different diets. And I perceive that having somebody make the change from Atkins to Paleo in all probability is not a lot of a stretch. However in my view, attempting to say the Atkins Eating regimen is just like the Paleo Eating regimen would not do the Paleo Eating regimen any favors and ignores the important thing ideas of the eating regimen. It is actually not just like the Atkins Eating regimen in any respect.

The Atkins Eating regimen is NOT the Paleo Eating regimen

The Atkins Eating regimen, for most individuals, will not be a life-long endeavor. It is not a way of life. It is a approach to reduce weight by conserving your carbohydrates as near zero as attainable. I not too long ago spoke to somebody that talked about she was going to do Atkins (once more) as a result of she was completely happy along with her weight reduction in Part 1. And Part 1 is understandably the place most individuals fall off the Atkins wagon. No one desires to eat bacon and sausage on daily basis of their life as a result of consuming a grape fruit would ship their physique out of ketosis and kill their weight reduction.

The Paleo Eating regimen is not primarily based on counting carbohydrates, or grams of fats, and even energy. It’s primarily based on the precept that you need to eat what our ancestors ate. And that is it. Our ancestors did not eat pre-packaged, sodium-rich “meat merchandise” — they ate MEAT. Whereas these meat-products are fantastic on the Atkins eating regimen so long as they do not add to your carbohydrate rely, somebody following a paleolithic way of life would assuredly cross on them. Our ancestors did not eat Complete Grain Wheat toast or “Coronary heart-Wholesome” Cheerios, they ate healthful greens, fruits, and nuts.

There isn’t a induction section for the Paleo Eating regimen.

You do not shed pounds quickly for two weeks after which plateau off.Weight reduction with paleo occurs on a regular basis all through the course of your life till you attain your ultimate physique weight. Consuming pure meals, you will see that it extraordinarily laborious to succeed in sufficient energy to realize any weight and the nearer you might be to your ultimate weight, the much less energy your physique might want to eat, the much less you’ll eat.

Meals which are calorie dense (corresponding to meats) will maintain you full for hours, making you eat much less of them. Between meals you possibly can snack on fruit and veggies that present important vitamins and nutritional vitamins however will not pack on the energy. Some greens and most fruits are severely restricted or banned on the Atkins eating regimen due to their pure carbohydrates.

In my expertise on the Atkins Eating regimen, there was by no means actually a time that I did not crave truffles, or sweets, or fruit. I attempted to dam them out. I attempted to get my thoughts off of them. However I at all times wished them.

On the Paleo Eating regimen you do not miss out on the candy style of fruit — as a result of you possibly can eat as a lot of it as you need. You do not miss consuming truffles as a result of you may make your individual truffles with out wheat flour. Pizza? You’ll be able to eat that, too, so long as you make it your self utilizing pure elements. The most effective a part of Paleo is the neighborhood. If in case you have a longing for one thing, you possibly can make sure that another person has made a paleo variation of it and posted it on the web.

Within the first 4 months after beginning the Paleolithic Eating regimen, I had misplaced over 40lbs and my spouse had misplaced over 50lbs, consuming scrumptious meals that we wished to eat.

The Paleo Eating regimen is for Designed for Your Well being

Whereas the Atkins eating regimen could also be more healthy for you than consuming a bag of Doritos, you are still loading your physique with unnatural preservatives, sodium, and different industrial rubbish whereas by no means actually getting the important vitamins your physique must thrive.

There’s anecdotal proof that the Paleo Eating regimen treats or may even remedy sicknesses like most cancers, Rheumatoid arthritis, A number of sclerosis, Crohn’s illness and grownup onset (Sort 2) diabetes.

In my very own case, the Paleo Eating regimen cured me of GERD and allowed me to cease taking all of my prescribed medicines.


As you possibly can see, the Paleo Eating regimen and the Atkins Eating regimen are two diametrically opposed diets. They could be related in that they each condone consuming meat, however that is actually the place the similarities finish, as every eating regimen involves that conclusion by means of vastly completely different philosophies. Based mostly alone experiences with each diets, I select the Paleo Eating regimen for Life.

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