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Home » 9 Best Bar Cabinet and Carts Home Bar Furniture Storage 2022

9 Best Bar Cabinet and Carts Home Bar Furniture Storage 2022

9 Best Bar Cabinet and Carts Home Bar Furniture Storage 2022

9 Best Bar Cabinet and Carts Home Bar Furniture Storage 2022

Talking about the bar cabinet can transport us back to some years like the 60s or too old movies where we see this furniture.

But they do not have to belong to the retro era or ideas of antiquity; the bar cabinets can be an essential part of our home, especially if you carry out regular meetings or are an expert in wines or other spirits.

Learn more about the different qualities that this furniture should have and certain specific recommendations.

Bar cabinet

A bar cabinet is where bottles of alcoholic beverages and various items are stored for consumption, such as glasses, plates glasses, jars, and cutlery necessary as stirrers. They can also contain dressings, and if it is spacious enough, it will carry more professional seats and tools for the preparation of drinks with or without liquor.

The idea of ​​adding one of these pieces of furniture to homes depends on its occupants since it is generally not essential. Still, the current trend is to keep the bottles in the kitchen or some secluded place, making it very uncomfortable for meetings because everything is scattered ( glasses, stirrers, bottles) or involves a lot of movement towards another room such as the kitchen.

In this way, we can realize that a bar cabinet is not necessarily a luxury but important addition to the home if you like to share some kind of drink with guests or the family.


Deciding to purchase this item is the first step. However, it is advisable to consider what you are looking for in one.

So, we start with the style, because fortunately, we find different options on the market. 

Considering the most important thing is to review the size of the bar cabinet and then if it will be colonial, modern, retro, rustic, vintage, avant-garde, or whatever.

Then it’s time to consider the design. Do you need space for dishes and tools like professional stirrers? The glasses insight is a subtle and elegant detail that distinguishes this furniture, but it is not always necessary. This option depends on the budget and the purpose of the bar cabinet to be purchased. 

Within the design to choose, we find the seats that can be an excellent way to create an entire space within a room, as well as other elements such as extendable tables or folding parts, which makes it more functional depending on the design that is acquired and the use that has been planned for this bar cabinet.

9 Best Bar Cabinet and Carts Home Bar Furniture Storage 2022

The location is the element that determines its use. Some people have a restroom, and it is ideal to have a bar cabinet there, but others place it in the living room, and it is just as suitable. The dining room is a bit more complicated, but it is another good option.

These are some characteristics to choose the best bar cabinet for our home. Would you add something else?

The decoration of a restaurant or bar varies depending on the style, class, and general atmosphere of the establishment. Different types of restaurants and bars require different types of furniture. However, everyone needs basic furniture to comfortably and adequately accommodate their clients.

Therefore, through this article, the specialists of LOREDO MUEBLES will introduce you to the essential furniture that should not be missing in any bar or restaurant.

Portable bars

Most nightclubs, taverns, and some restaurants have a bar integrated into the establishment. However, when the business demands cocktail preparation areas that are not included in the building, portable bars are commonly used. A mobile bar is set on wheels for easy mobility and has a counter area between 1.21 to 1.37 meters high. 

Hidden under the counter is an area for alcohol and supplies, ice storage, and an attached well to hold liquor bottles. Portable bars come in various sizes with additional features such as stainless steel sinks, drains that fit over catch trays, and other supply frames and shelves.

Cabins and half cabin

One of the most common pieces of furniture in restaurants and often in bars are booths. These are fixed seating areas that protrude from the walls. Some have two seats facing each other with a table in the middle attached to the wall next to each bench.

The other side is left open for customers to sit in a cozy corner. The half booths consist of a long bench positioned with the back flush with the wall, a dining table in front of the court, and chairs facing the kiosk on the opposite side of the table, allowing guest access on either side.

Tables for lunch

Dining tables are a must for any restaurant that offers seated dining. They come in different shapes: round, square, rectangular, and are usually 30 to 36 inches tall. There are hundreds of styles of tables, whether indoors or outdoors: industrial made of wood, plastic, metal, and other materials, which are available to complement the decoration of any style of restaurant. 

Accessories such as tablecloths and centerpieces are commonly used as dining table enhancements in many bars and restaurants.

Chairs and stools

Every bar or restaurant needs a sufficient number of chairs and stools to provide adequate seating at the bars and tables. The shorter ones are usually mad for customers at low counters, such as those found in dining rooms and coffee shops.

The taller ones are better suited for seating customers on the bars, as the top of the bar is generally 12 to 18 inches higher than a standard table. Most dining room chairs are around 18 inches tall at the seat and can easily slide under a standard height dining table.

Bar tables

Another standard piece of equipment in bars and restaurants are the bar tables. These are tall and generally, measure about 1.21 meters. Many bars and taverns prefer these tables to low dining tables, as it allows guests to sit at the same level as customers at the bar. Another advantage of using bar tables includes enlarged views of televisions and their ability to adjust to the height of bar stools.

Living room furniture

Whether your bar or restaurant has an elegant or casual atmosphere, living room furniture can be an attractive and comfortable accessory for decoration. Many upscale cocktail lounges feature stylish lounge chairs, lounge chairs, and cocktail tables that create sophisticated lounges. 

Elegant restaurants sometimes use this furniture to create comfortable seating areas in bathrooms. The more informal ones, such as sports bars and local taverns, sometimes add plain and simple sofas with tables on their floor for a comfortable, “like at home” style.

At LOREDO MUEBLES, we have a wide variety of furniture designed for the home, office, and commercial businesses; just come to our team of professionals who will be ready to attend to your most specific needs.

The extension is simple to install and an ingenious solution to temporarily transform a bar into a kitchen. After the meal, the wing is folded back to restore the bar to its primary function.

But still, How to arrange a bar in his living room?

bar area in harmony with the living room

To create an actual bar area, you will need a rather large and functional piece of furniture, most of the time integrating storage under the tray and on the sides, comfortable stools or high chairs, and possible shelves for your additional storage.

And How to extend a central island?

The trick: It prolongs the central island in a table below the work surface. A great way to optimize space and extend the room. The advice: Opt for an island, so the living room side is discreet, without cupboards, for a more aesthetic effect.

How to dress my bar?

The Decorative Wood Wall Panel is a perfect natural material to dress up the kitchen bar. Its warm side brings conviviality.

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  • How to add a table extension?
  • How to set up a bar area?
  • How to highlight a bar?
  • What space behind a bar?
  • How to put an island in a small kitchen?
  • How to extend a work plan?
  • How to enhance a kitchen island?
  • How to decorate a bar cabinet?
  • What is the name of the top of a bar?
  • How to decorate a kitchen counter?
  • Where to store table extensions?
  • How to make an extension for a round table?
  • What wood for a table extension?
  • How to make a bar?
  • How to make a bar cabinet?
  • How to hide a bar?
  • What color to choose for a bar?
  • How to arrange a professional bar?
  • What width for a bar?
  • How wide for a bar counter?
  • What size for a bar?

How to add a table extension?

If you are worried about weakening the binding, it will suffice to strengthen it by gluing.

  1. Cut the cleats.
  2. Drill and lamer. 
  3. Screw the cleats. 
  4. Prepare the assembly and disassembly device.
  5. Match bed screws and inserts.
  6. Adjust the height of the extension
  7. Implement. 
  8. Tighten the bed screws.

How to set up a bar area?

Find out how to set up a bar area in your interior with few means but many styles!

  1. Convert an existing niche cabinet. 
  2. Bet on a service. 
  3. Recycle crates. 
  4. Hijack a piece of furniture.
  5. Revisit the showcase. 
  6. SOS side table.
  7. Think about the shelves.
  8. Play the artists.

How to highlight a bar?

The lighting used also makes it possible to highlight them. Whatever style you choose, you have to opt for practical lighting such as recessed ceiling spots, pendant lights, or LED strips to stick around the shelves or the counter.

What space behind a bar?

For fluid circulation in the kitchen without bumping into the furniture, allow a space of at least 80 cm wide between the bar- counter and the rest of the kitchen. Otherwise, you also risk not opening your dishwasher or oven fully.

How to put an island in a small kitchen?

A small central island as a kitchen bar

And so as not to lose the precious additional work surface provided by the island, do not hesitate to install a high snack table, which will overhang the whole, accompanied by comfortable bar chairs placed on the lounge side. Your interior will never have been so friendly.

How to extend a work plan?

A narrow plan in addition to extending the work plan. The trick: Combine the dining table and worktop in a space with reduced depth. What can be done at home: Extend the worktop to the side of the room, if the budget allows.

How to enhance a kitchen island?

A clever technique to enhance the worktop

To enhance your worktop, no need to remove it; you need to add an extra thickness. Then all that remains is to re-fit the plates and the sink, and voila! With this 2 in 1 technique, we regain height and a new look. 

How to decorate a bar cabinet?

In other words, add a touch of paint to match the background color of your furnishings and decor items to place on the bar cabinet. For more charm and elegance, you can consider investing in new chairs.

What is the name of the top of a bar?

In this sense, this piece of furniture is sometimes also referred to as “counter” or, more colloquially, “zinc” (formerly, the furniture top was covered with a sheet of zinc, a material that was sometimes replaced by tin for more establishments. crested).

How to decorate a kitchen counter?

Black in decoration is nowadays adopted by many. It gives depth and a lot of character to a room. I prefer the “blackboard effect” paint in the kitchen since it allows you to write messages or the grocery list using chalk. It is how to combine the useful with the pleasant!

Where to store table extensions?

The extension butterfly

The extension waits under the table, folded in half, retained by hinges. They are part of a framework hidden under the tabletop.

How to make an extension for a round table?

Expand a table

  1. On the plywood panel, trace the two half-circumferences. 
  2. Cut these two half-circumferences while respecting the outline.
  3. File all the way around with a soft file to remove sawing marks.
  4. Use fine sandpaper on the edges to get a smooth cut.

What wood for a table extension?

The height between the top of the drawer and the tray surface of the table is here 22 mm: a panel of plywood of the same thickness is used for manufacturing the extension.

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How to make a bar?

An extensive plan of wood or metal to welcome friends, the family can be with oversized high chairs or bar stools.

  1. A large bar counter. 
  2. Choose a comfortable seat, ideal for your bar
  3. Find bar storage and dedicated appliances.

How to make a bar cabinet?

To make a bar counter at the height of 110 cm, a width of 150 cm, and a depth of 50 cm, you will need several sheets of fir or MDF. Good to know: MDF or medium is an excellent alternative to wood because it is easy to work and inexpensive.

How to hide a bar?

Choose the ideal coating to cover your bar.

The wood facing is an ideal material to highlight your bar counter; it will bring a modern and design decoration.

What color to choose for a bar?

It is mixed with bright colors such as red, yellow, or orange (in the carpet, cushions, tables, a black bar will create a pop spirit close to the urban style. To give a cozy accent to your decor, it is better to opt for a white bar, the flagship color of the Scandinavian trend.

How to arrange a professional bar?

Consider reworking the bar’s decor to make the back bar and products more visible. The lighting must indirectly highlight the products and the barmaids. Creators of atmosphere, the lights will reinforce your bar’s style and spirit.

What width for a bar?

To be comfortable, count the width of 60 cm per guest on the tray. To get the length of the tray, multiply this width by the number of guests. Also, count 45 cm in front of each guest.

How wide for a bar counter?

Proper before you start buying a bar counter, here are some dimensions to remember. First, the width of the top must be at least 60 cm to be comfortable. Regarding the height of the supporting structure, it is generally between 90 and 120 cm.

What size for a bar?

If you are less than 1.80m tall, the ideal height for your bar is 105cm. However, if you are over 1.80m tall, the perfect size will be 110cm. When we speak of “standard” or “ideal” height for a tall piece of furniture such as a bar, it is that which is measured “at elbow height.”

What is a bar cabinet called?

A cellarette or cellaret is a small furniture cabinet, available in various sizes, shapes, and designs which is used to store bottles of alcoholic beverages such as wine or whiskey.

What to keep in a Bar Cabinet?

Home Bar 101: 7 Things To Put In Your Corner Bar Cabinet

  • A High-Quality Cocktail Shaker.
  • Citrus Juicer.
  • Ice Bucket.
  • A Variety of Drinking Glasses for the Corner Bar Cabinet.
  • Chopping Board.
  • A Muddler & Jigger.
  • Classic Base Liquors.
  • The Takeaway.

What are the parts of a bar?

There are several basic parts of the front bar:

  • Bar Top. This is the main slab where drinks, food, and your guests’ arms rest. …
  • Bar Wall. The bar wall is the vertical piece that supports the bar top and separates the front bar from the back bar. …
  • Bar Rail. …
  • Foot Rail. …
  • Glass Rail. …
  • Drip Edge.

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