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10 Best Dart Boards You Can Buy: Review 2022

Best Dart Boards

10 Best Dart Boards You Can Buy: Review 2022

Are you looking for a dartboard? We’ve got you covered. I will share the top 10 dartboards on the market and tell you what makes them so good.

If you’re not ready to read all of this and want to know, the best bristle dartboard you can buy is the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core (link to Amazon). The Blade 5 is already a great board, but adding a second layer of sisal makes it above the rest.

Dartboards can be made of many materials, such as wood, rolled paper, cork, plastic, and even magnetic boards for children or the office. This list will only cover dartboards with bristles that will be used with steel-tipped darts. We recommend an electronic dartboard made exclusively for soft tips if you play darts with soft tips.

1. Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard

Winmau is synonymous with high-quality artistry, so from the very name, you should know what to expect from this bristle board.

The Blade 5 is one of the best-selling darts since its introduction. When you choose Blade 5, you choose high quality, distinctive design, and consistently excellent performance.

This is why it is so:

The Blade 5 offers an increased scoring area, with an impressive 14% improvement over the last-gen Blade. This is done with a thinner wire with a cross-section, allowing for a greater scratch potential.

Blade 5 can reduce annoying ricochets thanks to above-average protection against arrow deflection. This is achieved by reducing the angle of the wire by 30 degrees.

Speaking of wire, Blade 5 has a stronger steel thanks to the new carbon diffusion technology. Another fantastic feature to keep in mind is that, like all modern Winmau boards, the Blade 5 comes with the Rota-Lock triple wheel mounting system that allows it to be easily mounted on any wall.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with the Blade 5. This is a top-notch professional dartboard that will serve professional and casual gamers alike. The British Darts Organization seems to agree, as it currently endorses professional use of the Blade 5.

2. Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard 

An evolution of the best-selling dartboard Blade 5, we have another great offer from Winmau. But how is the Blade 5 Dual Core different from the standard model? What do you offer that makes it a valuable addition to your wall?

The Blade 5 Dual Core has the same reduced angle cabling as the standard Blade 5. This means the Dual-Core also has a slight angle reduction of 30 degrees in cabling thickness. As a result, each double section is nine mm2 larger, and each triple-section is six mm2 larger.

But, without a doubt, the biggest feature of the Blade 5 dual-core processor is its namesake. “Dual-Core” refers to the two sisal cores that make up the board’s body, providing an ingenious solution to a common problem.

You see, most bristle planks have a finite number of sets. The more you use your board, the faster you will reach this limit, and the sooner you will have to replace the board. The dual-core solution means your board lasts much longer. In other words, the dual cores make this new Blade 5 much more durable than the single-core model.

All other Blade 5 dual-core processor features are common to the various models. All in all, a single-core model will be fine for most, but a dual-core model will last longer and is the better option.

3. ONE80 Gladiator 3+

The One80 Darts have been making excellent dartboard targets for a long time. Your brand has become synonymous with high-quality products. One of them, the best-selling Gladiator 3, just got better.

Gladiator III + is designed to be among the best. It is made of the highest quality sisal fibers, which give the board a very dense and durable playing surface. Speaking of its durability, the Gladiator III + has been given a “fade-resistant” finish to ensure its bright and bold colors stay like this for a long time.

On the cabling front, like most elite dartboards on the market, the Gladiator III + uses what the ONE80 likes to call sharp-edged cables to make sure unnecessary bouncing is a thing of the past.

For convenience, the Gladiator III + comes with a fully rotating matte number ring and a “Rotafix” mounting bracket to make a wall or cabinet mounting easier than ever. GLADIATOR III + is a great board if you value high performance and durability.

4. Unicorn Eclipse HD2 High Definition Professional Bristle Dartboard

Unicorn gives us one of the best dartboards on the market – Unicorn Eclipse HD2. The Eclipse HD2 is unique in that it has been designed to be one of the sleekest and cleanest darts boards available.

For example, Unicorn decided to paint the number ring deep black, using bright white numbers for added visual contrast. Following this trend, the board has been cleaned up to make it easier for the player to focus and focus by removing all the legs of the spider ring.

Consequently, Unicorn Eclipse HD2 is one of the market’s cleanest and most stylish boards. As with all other modern targets, the Eclipse HD2 has focused on reducing the thickness of the cabling. Result? It now offers thinner cables and 14% more play area than previous iterations.

This is a professional bristle dartboard. It offers an ideal playing surface that is tournament-ready.

5. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board

While the Unicorn Eclipse HD 2 is a great dartboard, the Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 aims to raise the bar. If you’ve watched PDC televised tournaments, you’ve probably seen these boards in action.

Unicorn Eclipse HD 2 is the ultimate bristle dartboard for tournaments. It has been adjusted to ensure maximum gaming performance and player comfort. If Pro League endorsement is any quality indicator, then Professional Darts Corporation has certainly explored the level of quality offered by the Eclipse Pro 2.

The Eclipse Pro 2 offers gamers a smooth, 100% staple-free surface. In addition, all the spider wire legs have been removed for a very clean look. The highest quality sisal fibers make the Eclipse Pro 2 very durable and self-healing, making it the perfect board for heavy games.

All numbers are metal and painted with high-contrast paint to increase visibility and relieve eye strain during long gaming sessions. The box is equipped with a very convenient unlocking leveling system, which allows you to install the board on most surfaces easily.

6. Viper Shot King – Best Dart Boards

Viper’s Shot King proves that high-quality products do not have to cost an arm and a leg. The Shot King Bristle Board is a very inexpensive board that provides users with considerable value as it is greater than the sum of its parts.

While the Viper Shot King won’t beat the competition in any category, it does provide us with a solid package worth considering, especially if you’re on a budget.

Let’s see how the Viper Shot King is doing:

The Viper Shot King is made of grade 3 sisal bristles. This ensures a high level of self-healing. A bonus is the metal clamp ring surrounding the board to keep everything tight. The Shot King is equipped with a movable galvanized steel ring. Rotating the dartboard is easy and will further extend the dartboard’s life.

A slight downside to the Viper Shot King is using staples to hold the scoring sector wiring in place. This practice is fairly common at the lower end of the price range, so it is no surprise. However, this means the Shot King will bounce on average more than similar boards that do not require the use of staples.

Overall, Viper’s Shot King is a great, inexpensive board that offers great value, especially as an entry board for beginners.

7. Viper Razorback Official Competition Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Set

If you are looking for a Viper dartboard that is a step up, Razorback is a good choice. The Viper offers a solid dartboard in the Shot King model, but the Razorback aims to raise the bar. The Viper improved his Razorback by expanding its weaknesses and strengthening what was already working.

For example, one of Shot King’s weakest points was the inclusion of staples to hold the spider. The Razorback is a completely staple-free dartboard. This means it causes far fewer bounces from hitting the raised staples. Additionally, Viper improved the wiring front and used galvanized wires with a reduced surface area.

Another implementation was the use of higher-quality fibers in the core. As a result, the Razorback is made from Grade 4 sisal fibers. The increased step allows the Viper to pack the bristles tighter, which improves durability.

The last feature worth mentioning is that the Viper made a detachable number ring from a low gloss material this time. So no matter where you hang your Razorback, it will look cleaner.

Result? Extreme durability and a board that will stand the test of time, even after thousands of games. Viper Razorback is good enough for official tournaments, so if you’re one of the occasional gamers looking for a decent board for home use, then this is something to consider.

8. Viper Chroma Tournament Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Set

The darts market is crowded and mostly pretty boring. There are dozens of products, and many of them are virtually identical. This is why GLD has introduced an exciting new addition to the Viper product family.

The Viper Chroma Dart Board offers the same high-quality design and artistry that we expect from the Viper product line, such as a high-quality sisal fiber core with fantastic self-healing properties.

It also features a highly galvanized triangular spider web and a ten-point without staples for optimal fun and less chance of jumping. But his coloring makes this bad boy cooler than the myriad of darts targets.

The Viper Chroma is coated in high-definition colors that are bold and shiny, and there is no other such purpose. Its Galaxy Black, Cerulean, and Emerald screen printing will look beautiful hanging on any wall or wooden cupboard.

9. Nodor Supawire 2 Regulation-Size Bristle Dartboard

Nodor is undoubtedly one of the most trusted brands in the darts world. The world’s leading art organizations consistently back its products, and the Supawire 2 Dartboard is no exception. The Nodor Supawire 2 sisal dartboard is a fantastic choice; this adjustable size board offers a complete package from the pub to the man’s cave.

As a premium product, Nodor Supawire offers the same staple-free surface that you expect from the best boards on the market. Everything on this board, from risers to spacers, has been designed to reduce the likelihood of annoying kickbacks.

Regarding plate durability, Nodor Supawire 2 is made of high-quality sisal fiber, so excellent hardening and bullet retention are expected. This is fantastic news, considering the Nodor Supawire 2 has an increased target area.

This is not a board that will break after a few months of play; even the toughest and most die-hard veterans can get a long life out of this bad boy. Nodor is so convinced that Supawire 2 is a premium product that comes with a one-year warranty against any defects.

10. Winmau Blade 4 – Best Dart Boards

Although considered an “older” model, the Blade 4 is still a solid option for a dartboard, especially since they can be found on sale almost anywhere that bullseye is sold. Blade 4 is a premium bristle board that continues the tradition of excellence established by Winmau so many years ago in the first Blade deck.

What sets Blade 4 apart in a market filled with dozens of sisal planks, all of which are considered the best? As with all Blade boards, Blade 4 has several innovative advantages that put it among the competition. One of these advantages is the triangular wiring on the board. While most of the cabling systems used in bristle plates are round or flat, Winmau introduces wire at an angle.

It creates less area where the darts can hit; in other words, having the cables at an angle will result in less bouncing as the cables themselves will guide the darts towards the board.

While Blade cables generally expose a larger play area and promote higher scores, Winmau tells us that Blade 4 has a cable system that is 30% thinner than previous models. That’s impressive, considering the Blade dart line already enjoys very thin cables.

Blade 4 was one of the first to focus on higher sisal density. I have had a hard time with all the boards towards the end of their useful life. However, the more densely packed the fibers, the more durable the board.

So when you buy Winmau Blade 4, you are paying for longevity. It’s not uncommon to see older Blade 4s in pubs and clubs worldwide just because they haven’t worn out.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Dart Boards You Can Buy

What dart boards do the pros use? – Best Dart Boards

Professional dart players almost exclusively use bristle dart boards such as the Barrington Collection Bristle Dart Board or the Winmau Blade 5. These meet tournament regulations, allowing them to practice in the right conditions.

Should you wet a dartboard? – Best Dart Boards

You may hear people recommend using water or other gentle liquids to clean a dartboard. But the tightly packed, natural bristle fibers on a nice dartboard are not supposed to get wet. Period. You should keep the board as dry as possible.

How far away should you be from a dart board? – Best Dart Boards

Distance from front of the dartboard to the throwing line: Steel Tip: 7 feet 9 1/4 inches, Soft Tip: 8 feet 0 inches. To mark the throw line a simple piece of tape will suffice. Major tournaments, however, use a “hockey” which is a thin raised strip of wood approximately 1 1/2 inches high.

Why is 26 in darts called breakfast? – Best Dart Boards

When a dart player is aiming at 20 and slops a 5 and a 1 for 26 points: “bed and breakfast”. Bed And Breakfast or Half-a-Crown or Murphy: A British term for the score of 26 in an 01 game, from hitting a 20 and one each of the adjacent numbers, 1 and 5. So called because breakfast used to cost 26 pence.

How do I pick the right darts? – Best Dart Boards

Visit your local dart store and throw the same dart style in each weight class. The speed with which you throw the dart will help determine which weight to choose. The lighter the dart the harder/faster you have to throw. The location of the weight on the dart barrel is also important.

Why are tungsten darts better? – Best Dart Boards

Tungsten is an extremely dense metal, considerably more so than brass or nickel; this increased density allows more weight in a smaller (thinner) barrel, making close grouping easier while maintaining the weight and minimising bounce-outs. These high-density tungsten darts resist wear far better than brass or nickel.

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