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Home » Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Running Shoes Review, Facts, Deals 2022

Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Running Shoes Review, Facts, Deals 2022

Ghost 13 Running Shoes

Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Running Shoes Review, Facts, Deals 2022

The Brooks Ghost 13 is updated to offer a more comfortable and dynamic racing experience, enjoying maximum running smoothness. This emblematic saga of the American firm, top of the range in cushioning for neutral runners, offers excellent buffering capacity, fit and comfort in the race to complete the different training profiles.

These running shoes incorporate some of the latest Brooks Running technologies to offer a comfortable, smooth and responsive running experience. Or optimized to complete from the shortest distances to the most extended and most demanding races, this thirteenth interaction successful Ghost series does present very radical changes compared to its predecessor.

Brooks Ghost 13, main features

This Ghost 13 from Brooks Running is the latest update of one of the flagships of the US firm and a reference for neutral runners. A silhouette that stands out for offering an excellent sensation of softness in the race, thanks to the implementation of the signature damping system, DNA Loft cushioning. Next, we analyze the main novelties of this new model; take note!

The damping DNA Loft extends throughout the midsole of these Brooks Ghost 13 by securing transitions more fluid from the heel to toe. Although it is true that the previous model, the Brooks Ghost 12, incorporated the combination of two of the star materials of the American firm, DNA Loft and BioMoGo DNA, this latest update opts for a structure that guarantees maximum smoothness in the race.

A model optimized neutral runner who seeks to complete all kinds of distances on asphalt together with maximum comfort, elasticity and smoothness in the race.

The uppercut of these top-of-the-range cushioning running shoes incorporates a perforated mesh uppercut for a flawless fit

A construction that increases the shoe’s breathability as a whole, favouring a more pleasant running experience.

The outer sole of these men’s running shoes has been manufactured using a highly wear-resistant compound. A structure that favours permanent traction and grip in the most demanding distances on asphalt

Brooks Ghost 13, technical specifications

If these Brooks Ghost 13 are characterized by something, it offers a feeling of permanent softness in the race. This latest update of this flagship of the North American firm incorporates the exclusive DNA Loft compound throughout the length of the midsole to favour more fluid, comfortable and efficient transitions.

It is optimized to complete all types of filming; this top-of-the-range cushioning model for neutral runners is updated to offer greater comfort on the run. As far as the technical specifications are concerned, a model presents a drop of 12 mm and a weight of 286.3 grams.

Brooks Ghost 13 Review

If there is something that I must highlight about these Brooks Ghost 13, you are going to find a model of quality and luxury finishes together with an incredible feeling of comfort. That is why, every time they ask me for recommendations on running shoes for all audiences, among my chosen ones, there are always Brooks. My admiration for these shoes is due to a straightforward reason: in this American brand, we can find very robust and well-manufactured models.

Who are the Brooks Ghost 13 for?

Very easy: to all audiences. These Brooks Ghost 13 are a model that could fit perfectly with all those runners who want to get a comfortable running shoe with good cushioning. Also, these work very well at both high and medium beats. However, I must say that in the case of being a runner with very, very high rhythms, I would recommend the carbon plate model such as the Brooks Hyperion Elite.

What did I like the most about the Brooks Ghost 13?

If I had to stick with just one feature, it would be your answer. What makes this shoe incredible is the composition of the exclusive DNA Loft compound in the midsole, technology that provides stability in the tread that is one of its best values. Next, this cushioning should be highlighted as a positive point, since whether you have joint problems or want to prevent them, this model guarantees tranquillity for your bones and muscles. 

In addition to these two details, the comfort you get thanks to the upper of these is also noteworthy even if the kilometres go. It is because the mesh type mesh offers that feeling of comfort and offers good breathability.

What are the possible improvements to the Brooks Ghost 13?

Although these shoes are provided in my ranking among my favourites, there are several aspects that, perhaps from the American firm, could improve in the face of new models. I think that the weight of these could improve, and although they have managed to file 9 grams compared to the previous version, these 286 grams in size 9.5 USA seem to me to be improved. I am sure that the weight can be reduced in subsequent editions since most models in this segment are 15 or 20 grams less. Although it is minimal, this difference is appreciated when the kilometres go by in the race.

With what kind of shoes can we compare these Brooks Ghost 13?

The Brooks Ghost 13 can be defined as mixed running shoes, that is to say, well worth both for medium-demand training and competitions. In this catalogue of mixed shoes, we can find several models from other major brands, so here are some models that are comparable to the Brooks Ghost 13:

  • Asics Gel Cumulus 22.
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 24.
  • Mizuno Wave Ultima 11.
  • Brooks Launch 7.
  • New Balance Fresh Foam 880 v10.
  • Hoka One One Mach 3.
  • Skechers GoRun 7 Hyper.


To finish, and by way of summary, I must say that if you are thinking of acquiring these Brooks Ghost 13, I remind you that they are high-quality shoes, comfortable, cushioned and that they will serve you to go out for a run at relaxed rhythms. Brooks may have priced a little above the average, but I can guarantee that they are experts working with materials of the highest quality and that both their finishes and their performance well deserve that extra price.

Brooks Ghost 13 reviews

The new Brooks Ghost 13 already has an official launch date: August 1, 2020.

The Queen (and we write it with capital letters) of high-end neutral running shoes returns to the fray this year with more doses than we are used to.

If we look back and compare the editions of the last two or three years, it is difficult to find a shoe above the Ghost in terms of consistency and quality. For example, both Brooks Ghost 10 and Brooks Ghost 11 and Brooks Ghost 12 took the lead when it came to deciding which was the ‘best high-end neutral shoe’, three consecutive years winning that award (which is not precisely a little competitive segment) and, in addition, we awarded it the title of the best shoe of the year in 2017 ( Brooks Ghost 10 ) and second-best (‘Aspirant’) in 2018 ( Brooks Ghost 11 )

After this record, Brooks has difficulty matching the high level that the Ghost is offering in all aspects if it implements many changes or incorporates new technologies. Hence, the play is, of course, to get a continuous Brooks Ghost 13 to prolong its success and keep its users happy.

Much of the many sales generated by this shoe is given by the combination of its price (entirely contained if we compare it with direct rivals) and its construction.

 suitable for all types of runners 

 It is one of those purchases with which it is difficult to go wrong since it is a universal shoe.

The Brooks Ghost 13 will continue to be a very soft shoe thanks to the DNA LOFT and Biomogo DNA. Still, with the ideal travel, the foot is not going to sink excessively, and it will receive good stability and an excellent transition.

Adding to its classic drop, it makes it one of the best training shoes for runners who have problems with the Achilles tendon.

We do see some change in the midsole that will modify the sensations in the race a bit.

For example, the piece of DNA LOFT that surrounds the calcaneus and is in charge of giving cushioning to the heels now has minor cuts that segment this piece, undoubtedly thinking of providing better contact with the ground and a more progressive transition, enhancing the landing. Soft heel supplied by the rear horseshoe-shaped crash pad. It almost invites you to 

land on your heel 

Since it will have a very comfortable reception in this part

What has changed the most in the Brooks Ghost 13 is the upper. As soon as we get our hands on it, we’ll see what the new front space looks like since, if there was any downside to its predecessor, it was at this point, with adequate space for some. 

Runners with wide feet.

In any case, paint an upper that will be more reinforced in the central and rear part only by seeing the reinforcements that it incorporates (large heat-sealed logo and new synthetic piece on the buttress). Without a doubt the 

Brooks Ghost 13 has the arduous task of matching its predecessor. This impressive shoe was the best high-end neutral shoe of 2019 and had practically no flaws: perfect cushioning for long runs, very comfortable, efficient and a price content.

Will it be up to the task? Of course, it points ways, but we will test it thoroughly to find out.

Brooks Ghost 13: Recommended Uses

The Brooks Ghost 13 is a perfect shoe to accumulate kilometres in long runs at calm paces, for example, to prepare a marathon.

If your paces are slower than 4:15 / km and you are a neutral runner, supinator, or use custom insoles in your training shoes, the Brooks Ghost 13 may be an ideal option for you.

What’s the difference between Ghost 13 and Ghost 14?

The biggest change between the two is all in the midsole. The Ghost 13 featured both DNA Loft and BioMoGo foam. DNA Loft is the softest foam Brooks offers while BioMoGo is the more responsive one between the two. However, the Ghost 14 now only features DNA Loft.

Are Brooks Ghost 13 good for running?

The Brooks Ghost 13 is a well-rounded shoe and is a great running shoe for beginners and seasoned runners and walkers. It’s cushioning system and relatively light weight makes it a versatile shoe whether you are going short and fast or need adequate cushioning and comfort for putting in long miles.

Are Brooks Ghost 13 good for high arches?

The Brooks Ghost 13 is an absolute dream when it comes to supporting high arches. This shoe has an updated, dual-layer midsole for extra cushiony goodness.

What is the difference between Ghost 10 and Ghost 11?

When comparing the Ghost 10s with their newer model, The Ghost 11s, however, the 10s come up short. The 11s have everything you love about the previous model but have been changed to include a lighter, springier midsole foam. They also have an added heel crash pad made of DNA LOFT foam. An all-around great shoe.

The Ghost 13 is stiffer in the heel than previous Ghosts, and coming from an old Adrenaline and ASICS wearer, I love that feeling of a locked-in heel. The shoe offers more room in the toe box than any equivalent size ASICS, and it hugs well through the midfoot extremely well. Just be careful

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