Diet & Nutrition – Vitamin B2, Riboflavin

Vitamin B2 is extra generally often known as riboflavin. Riboflavin is a water-soluble vitamin, that means that very same quantities are saved within the liver and kidney however should not saved freely within the physique, which is why it must be changed regularly. Riboflavin is well destroyed by UV mild and radiation due to this fact meals with this vitamin must be dealt with rigorously.

Riboflavin was initially characterised by E.V. McCollum on the College of Wisconsin. The three types embrace: Riboflavin-absorption kind FMN-flavin mononucleotide FAD-flavin adenine dinucleotide

The lively compound: Flavokinase: riboflavin + ATP FMN + ADP

Flavin synthetase: FMN + ATP FAD + Ppi

Flavokinase expression is enhanced by thyroid hormone, adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and aldosterone.

Capabilities Riboflavin is a part of a coenzyme that facilitates within the launch of vitality from vitamins within the physique. Riboflavin additionally helps regular imaginative and prescient and pores and skin well being.

Coenzymes FMN and FAD are cofactors in quite a few oxidation/ discount reactions. They’re donors and receptors of two protons. They’re important for producing vitality throughout metabolism of beta-oxidation and the TCA cycle. Examples:

TCA Cycle: succinate + FAD fumarate + FADH2

Fatty acid oxdiation (1st step):

palmitate (16:0) + FAD palmitic (16:1) + FADH2

Deficiency Deficiencies with riboflavin are uncommon; it often will happen, although, with different nutrient deficiencies. Signs of riboflavin deficiency embrace: o cheilosis (cracking on the corners of the mouth) o alopecia (hair loss) o a purple-reddish-inflamed tongue, crimson and/or swollen mouth cavity o angular stomatitis o eczema and dermatitis o conjunctivitis (irritation of the muscus and lining of the attention) o cornea vascularization o extreme ophthalmia o peripheral nerve dysfunction.

Some predisposing circumstances that will result in a riboflavin deficiency together with the inborn error of a deficiency of D-glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase. This inborn error doesn’t permit the physique so as to add a phosphate group onto the riboflavin molecule to provide FMN. Different circumstances embrace beta-thalassemia and kidney dialysis. The usage of chlorpromazine and antimalarials compete with absorption whereas hyperthyroidism medication depress the flavokinase enzyme. Oral contraceptives (excessive estrogen) typically elevate and deplete circulating riboflavin ranges. Additionally, diabetes, malignancy, congestive coronary heart failure, alcoholism, continual stress, and trauma could trigger a predisposition to a riboflavin deficiency.

Sources Animal origin-based meals like liver, eggs, and pork have essentially the most available sources to be absorbed. Different wealthy sources embrace milk sources like 2% milk, yogurt, ice milk, and cottage cheese. Fruits, greens, and cereal grains are a minor contributor of this vitamin.

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