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Home » leverage gym equipment: The Powertech Workbench 2022

leverage gym equipment: The Powertech Workbench 2022

leverage gym equipment

leverage gym equipment: The Powertech Workbench 2022

With the hustle and bustle of a regular basis life, few individuals have the time to go to the fitness centre and work out regularly. This means if you wish to get critical about the train, you may effectively convey the gear into the comfort of your property.

There are plenty of choices available-but one that stands out is a multigym made by Powertec, a trusted chief in house health gear. Let’s look at the professionals and cons of the Powertech Workbench Leverage Gymnasium.

Total Ranking: 4. zero out of 5. zero stars

Key Options:

  • Specifically designed to get rid of the necessity for a “spotter” whereas decreasing the danger of pressure or damage
  • Sufficiently small to suit into probably the most crowded house, but strong sufficient to carry out all kinds of workouts
  • Rugged, sturdy, long-lasting, and trendy

Worth: About £869

Product Description:

The Powertec Workbench Leverage Gymnasium is a well-built health gear designed to offer you a complete physique exercise. You’ll be able to goal no matter muscle teams you would like as exhausting as you would like without having to carry again or fear about not having a spotter. This piece of kit promotes a free vary movement whereas coaching, providing you with the very best outcomes. Flattening out the bench helps you to work in your shoulders, lats, triceps, and chest areas. Altering the incline adjustments the goal space. With the bench up, you can do leg curls, squats, low rows, and such.

Not solely is it practical, it is eye-appealing as effectively. Whereas that is not as vital as a number of the different options, would not you’re feeling extra motivated to decide on a training routine that appears glossy and trendy? Moreover, it solely requires an eight x eight house so even when you do not have plenty of room for the machine, you’ll be able to doubtless discover someplace to place it that will not be an excessive amount of in the best way.

leverage gym equipment

Product Options:

  • Intelligent design permits you to do a bunch of different workouts for a complete physique exercise
  • House saving design helps preserve the multigym out of the best way
  • Strong piece of kit that is positive to final a very long time

Product Specs:

  • Mannequin: Powertec Workbench Leverage Gymnasium: WB-LS
  • Full Dimensions: L 101″ x W 56″ H 82″
  • Gear Weight: 290 lbs
  • Most Really useful Exercise Weight (Arm Press): 500 lbs
  • Most Really useful Exercise Weight (Lat Machine): 350 lbs
  • Most Really useful Exercise Weight (Leg Elevate): 250 lbs
  • Most Really useful Exercise Weight (Squat Bar): 300 lbs

Guarantee Data:

  • 12 months on pads, grips, and unspecified elements
  • 24 months on element elements (spring pins, bearings, and so forth)
  • lifetime guarantee on the body (which incorporates the paint end)


The Powertec Workbench Leverage Gymnasium is a high-quality piece of health gear that may enable you to get in one of the best forms of your life. With its extensive number of workouts, stable design, and engaging exterior, this multi-gym is funding that can reap loads of rewards. For those who’re critical about your train regiment, you must severely look into this piece of kit.

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The most important

  • A home gym is aimed at both casual athletes and those who frequent sports centers on a daily basis.
  • The tower or bodybuilding cage offers a multitude of possibilities. Ideal for small spaces. Depending on the house you have, this will be the dimensions of your weight room.
  • When designing your home gym you should study the frequency of use, as well as the budget you have for its assembly. It is recommended that you have some kind of advice.

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Ranking: The best home gyms on the market

If you are tired of paying fees and hardly ever going to the gym, you can start with the design of your home gym, totally personalized and with absolute flexibility. Next, we show you the best-selling machines on Amazon so that you do not fail in your purchase. We have included the dumbbells as an ideal complement to the bodybuilding cages:

  • The best dumbbell and barbell set for the house
  • The best chin-up station for the house
  • The best gymnastics board for the house
  • The best 5-in-1 home gym set
  • The best dumbbell set for home

The best dumbbell and barbell set for the house

PROIRON 20kg adjustable dumbbells set with barbell weights and discs, turned into perfect barbell for bodybuilding, fitness, weightlifting, home gym exercises, weight bench
leverage gym equipment


PRO IRON 20kg adjustable dumbbells set with barbell weights and discs, turned into perfect barbell for bodybuilding, fitness, weightlifting, home gym exercises, weight bench Read user reviews119.99 EURBuy on Amazon

This set of dumbbells includes 2 dumbbell handles, 4 discs of 0.5kg, 4 of 1.25kg, 4 of 2.5kg, 4 collars and an extended barbell. The barbell and dumbbell tube is free connecting steel to change the barbell to a barbell with weights. In addition, the tube can withstand plates weighing from 4kg to 33kg.

The manufacturing materials were strictly selected by the manufacturer, free of phthalate and lead. The non-slip rubber design is combined with the ergonomic knurled handle which makes the hands much more comfortable. The 143mm handgrip provides room for the grip, making it easy to lift without hitting the wrists.

Editorial Review:  This home barbell and dumbbell set will allow you to exercise your upper extremities and upper body in general. Excellent manufacturing material and comfortable grip.

The best chin-up station for the house

Sportsroyals chin-up station, pull-up bar for home gym strength training equipment, 200kg weight capacity
leverage gym equipment

COMES OUTAffiliateLink

Sportsroyals chin-up station, pull-up bar for home gym strength training equipment, 200kg weight capacity read user reviews159.99 EURBuy on Amazon

This multifunctional exercise equipment supports vertical knee raises, push-ups, and chin-ups. It allows to development of the muscles of the arms, abdomen, shoulders, chest and back for a stronger upper body. The station is constructed of 14 gauge square heavy-duty steel. This allows it to support up to 200 kg and continuous long-term use without any inconvenience. In addition, the 110 cm long H-shaped base guarantees 8 support points providing double stability.

It offers the ability to adjust the height of the bar to 165cm, 210cm, 215cm and 225cm, so it can meet the daily exercise needs of men, women and children. In addition, the backrest can be adjusted forward or backwards using the rear support tube. The grip zone is wrapped in foam for a comfortable exercise experience.

Editorial Evaluation:  This exercise equipment is recommended for high-intensity upper body exercises. It has a high resistance capacity and a robust structure.

The best gymnastics board for the house

Fostoy Push Up Rack Board, 9 in 1 Push Up Table and Resistance Bands, Multifunctional Push Up Folding Board Fitness Equipment for Men Women Muscle Training Gym Home
leverage gym equipment


Factory Push Up Rack Board, 9 in 1 Push Up Table and Resistance Bands, Multifunctional Push-Up Folding Board Fitness Equipment for Men Women Muscle Training Gym Home Read user reviews13.99 EURBuy on Amazon

It is a push board with 9 different positions to shape the muscles of the upper body. The three different colours indicate specific muscle groups to train: yellow for the back, green for the triceps, and red for the shoulder. It allows strengthening the chest, shoulder and triceps since it also works the central core of the torso.

The two handles and the included resistance bands must be used to operate the board. In the first case, these are non-slip silica gel handles that allow you to enjoy a soft and comfortable grip, promoting safety and concentration during exercise. On the other hand, the resistance bands are made of high-quality ecological rubber with good elasticity and a reinforced buckle, the latter designed to facilitate its removal.

Editorial evaluation:  This gymnastics board is recommended to work the upper body. It includes an interesting design for positional adaptation that is easy and comfortable to establish.

The best 5-in-1 home gym set

Lixada Abdominal Wheel 5 in 1 Kit with Push-UP Bar Skipping Rope Knee Mat for Muscle Training Fitness Exercise at Home
leverage gym equipment

COMES OUTAffiliateLink

Lixada Abdominal Wheel 5 in 1 Kit with Push-UP Bar Skipping Rope Knee Mat for Muscle Training Fitness Exercise at HomeRead user reviews19.99 EURBuy on Amazon

This gym equipment includes an adjustable jump rope, push-up bar, and roller kit. It is a set suitable for beginners, advanced athletes and all levels of physical condition.

The stable roller is built with a longer handle tube and covered with non-slip foam for greater stability. The push-up stand can be removed or attached in seconds and does not slide off easily. In turn, the resistance band and the pedals include a sponge for hand protection and as cushioning. Ideal for abs training.

Editorial evaluation:  This home gym set includes 5 pieces to work the abdominal muscles. They are designed to provide the necessary stability and comfort.

The best dumbbell set for home

20kg dumbbells.  Adjustable Dumbbell Set with Bodybuilding Barbell and Jump Rope.  Weights Home gym.  Marfrand
leverage gym equipment


20kg dumbbells. Adjustable Dumbbell Set with Bodybuilding Barbell and Jump Rope. Weights Home gym. Marstrand

This set of adjustable dumbbells and weights will allow you to enhance your exercises from your own home. It is ideal for home bodybuilding activities such as push-ups, weight lifting, functional exercises, and muscle strengthening.

The connector included in the weight set allows you to transform two weights and dumbbells into one long bar of up to 20 kg quickly. The 20kg dumbbell kit features an octagonal design to prevent weights from accidentally rolling. In addition, they include stops and connection fasteners with high security and non-slip tread. Thanks to its adjustable condition, this kit will allow you different variations of training to adjust to your physical condition and your routine.

Editorial evaluation:  This option is ideal for people who want to do strength training. In addition, as it is adjustable, it allows the loads to be adapted to progressive evolution.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About The Home Gym

In all gyms we find countless machines to train each muscle in our body almost independently. At home, this changes, since we will optimize our space to the maximum by placing only the devices that we consider necessary for our training. Next, we answer all the questions that may arise.

leverage gym equipment

What is a home gym?

A home gym is a space dedicated to the practice of different types of physical activity equipped with different machines and sports equipment. This small home fitness centre will provide the user with flexible and personalized sports practice. The machines, to your liking, will respond in a personalized way to your needs.

How much budget do I need to set up a home gym?

Until relatively recently, a home gym was reserved for wealthy people who, in addition, had a large space to place it. Today, with more or less volume of equipment, a home gym is available to every one, since it is not necessary to carry out all of the initial outlay at once.

It is important that, when purchasing equipment for our home gym, we bear in mind that we should not buy machines that train a single muscle, as is the case in gyms. Our pocket will notice the savings with the multifunctional equipment. The price will also vary depending on the quality and brands. Rafael NadalProfessional tennis player” Train every day as if your life depended on it.”

What space should I allocate to my home gym?

If you are one of those who barely have space at home but would love to set up your gym, don’t go. We are going to give you a series of keys that may be able to help you. It is in this case that the towers or bodybuilding cages, which allow you to carry out countless exercises, cannot be missing in your home gym.

You don’t need much to set up your gym but you do have to have a room, even a small one, dedicated to it. A kind of multipurpose room in which no one sleeps will suffice. You must assess that this space or room allows you to move freely and have good ventilation. Once the room has been studied, you must protect the floor to avoid damage.

leverage gym equipment

Tables and other furniture are unnecessary in your fitness space, as they can encourage you to rest from your routine for long periods. If you have to incorporate any type of kitchenware into this room, opt for those that are fixed to the wall so that they take up less space. Nor should you obstruct the windows so as not to interfere with ventilation.

What types of exercises should not be missing in my home gym?

Sometimes, when we have to do some exercises, we can have problems and hurt ourselves due to poor execution due to lack of experience. It is for this reason that we come to tell you three exercises on which you can base your training at home and obtain great benefits.

The squats, the deadlift and the bench press. All of them involve a large part of the body musculature that will allow you to both increase strength and gain muscle mass. You will only need a cage, a bar and weight plates to carry out these exercises known as “the big three”.

Type of exerciseUsed muscles
Squats or squatQuads, glutes, abs, lower back, calves, and hamstrings.
DeadweightQuads, glutes, hamstrings, entire back, abs, shoulders, and forearms.
Press bankingPectorals, triceps, shoulders and core (formed by abdominal, lumbar, pelvic, gluteal and deep spinal muscles). 

What squat exercises can I do at my home gym?

In the case of squats, you have to start the exercise standing up, with your back straight and your legs at shoulder height (parts of the body where the bar should rest). After positioning yourself correctly, you should bend your knees until your buttocks line up with them. Remember not to exceed 90º in the flexion.

The most advisable thing is that your feet keep facing the front at the height of the shoulders. You should know that if you increase this distance, the work of the quadriceps will be even more intense. If the balls of the feet point diagonally outwards, the quadriceps training will be greatly reduced.

What is the deadlift and how can I work it out in my home gym?

This exercise is the most technical so it also carries a greater risk of injury. The most important thing is that our spine is completely straight. In this way, we will block our scapulae or shoulder blades. That said, we will place the bar with the discs on the ground and we will lift it almost brushing our legs until we are practically erect.

As in squats, the legs should be aligned at the height of the shoulders. You should lift the bar until you are stable and with straight knees. Once you’ve done it, hold on for a second before going down and repeating the movement. The repetitions will depend on you and your potential. Edward Stanley English politician. Three-time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom”Those who think they don’t have time to exercise will find time to be sick sooner or later.”

How can I train the bench press in my home gym?

This time, you should get into a position that allows you to have your eyes just below the bar. Your legs will be aligned at shoulder height, your heels will be on the ground, and your back will be straight. As you remove the bar from the cage, empty the air from your lungs and lower the bar to your chest in a controlled motion.

When you are about to touch your chest, lift the bar toward the ceiling keeping your elbows steady and pointing downward. Hold on for a few seconds. Vacuum and lower the bar again. Weight and reps will again depend on you and your physical condition. And remember that the higher the weight, the lower the number of repetitions.

What exercises can I complete the “big three” with at my home gym?

If you are going to start by exercising with the squats, deadlifts and bench press that we recommend, but they fall short, we leave you below a series of exercises that do not require large equipment and that, therefore, you can incorporate into your gym in the home. Do not despair, you will immediately notice the changes!

  • Side planks, push-ups and abdominals for which you will only need a non-slip mat and the thickness that best suits you.
  • Dumbbell exercises that will help you complete the arm, back and chest routines. In addition, they take up very little space.
  • Workouts with resistance bands that will allow you to add more demand in leg, arm and glute exercises on the floor. You can opt for simple or resistance elastic bands with grips and anchors.
  • Jumping rope will give you greater agility and coordination. It is the perfect exercise to complement your routines and increase calorie loss.
  • Pull-up bar that, like the bench press , will exercise the core and your body resistance. There are them with suction cups or screws to facilitate their installation at home.
leverage gym equipment

What tips should I follow to carry out an optimal workout in my home gym?

Next, we offer you a series of tips that you must follow so that your training is carried out successfully and do not give up two days after setting up your gym. If you don’t exercise regularly, don’t despair and try to stay consistent. The changes will take a while to arrive, but they will come.

  1. Warm up for at least 10 minutes before starting your routine and stretch at the end.
  2. Plan your workouts.
  3. If you don’t have time, train “the big three” that we have told you about. You will gain both muscle and strength.
  4. Don’t try to lift too much weight, you could injure yourself. Take your time. Everything comes.
  5. If you want to lose weight, incorporate weights into your cardio training.
  6. Muscles recover during sleep hours. He sleeps an average of 7-8 hours a day and rests two days a week.
  7. Don’t stop training for more than three days in a row.
  8. Stay hydrated throughout the day, even during your workouts.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a home gym?

Like everything, having your home gym has its advantages and disadvantages. Next, we are going to explain the pros and cons of having your fitness room. Remember that it is essential that you allocate a room or room to your gym. Advantage

  • The manufacture of towers or bodybuilding cages optimizes space
  • Saving fees
  • You won’t have to wait to be able to exercise on a machine
  • Saving time and money on travel
  • Time freedom to train
  • 100% personalized machine and workouts


  • Initial outlay
  • Counseling is recommended
  • It is necessary to allocate a room from home to our gym
  • Good ventilation is necessary

Purchase criteria

Setting up a home gym requires an initial outlay that, depending on the amount, can be more or less comfortable. Therefore, we leave you below the purchase criteria that you should study before starting the design of your own fitness space. With a gym in your home, you will no longer have an escape from not getting in tune.

  • Athlete type
  • Space
  • Advice
  • Machine types

Athlete type

The equipment in your home gym will depend, among other factors, on the type of athlete you are. It is not the same that you regularly attend the gym as if you do not. The outlay of a fitness lover is always going to be greater than that carried out by the occasional athlete. In the latter case, with the home gym, you will no longer have excuses.

leverage gym equipment


The size of your house will determine the space allocated to the gym since it is not the same to allocate a large room, which can fit all kinds of fitness equipment, then a small one. The conditioned room will have to have good ventilation and, in order not to fall into distractions, we will avoid that it is the living room or the living room.


Before starting with the assembly of our home gym, it is advisable to seek advice from experts to help us define the objectives we want to achieve. Based on this, they will advise us on one design or another. You should know that there are specialized companies that offer you financing options so that you do not have to give up anything.

Machine types

You must remember that, if you don’t have a lot of space, weight training towers may be the best option. They offer endless possibilities including squats, deadlifts and bench presses. These exercises allow you to exercise a large number of muscles making the most of the space.

leverage gym equipment


Surely one of your annual resolutions is to go to the gym. You may even have signed up several times, but your busy schedule has meant that your workouts last only a few months. You are looking for a practical solution and you have come to think of setting up a small home gym. In this article, we help you take the step.

The towers or bodybuilding cages can be the solution to the installation of your home gym. If you are clear about your goals, you can get to work. With your home gym, you will no longer have an excuse. You will be able to train with total flexibility. Fully personalized and without the need to pay fees. Show off a body 10!

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What is the best leverage gym?

Image result for leverage gym equipment
leverage gym equipment

With all that being said, let’s check out the top 5 pieces.

  • Powertec Workbench Multi System. Price: $1,499.00. …
  • Body-Solid Freeweight Leverage Gym. Price: $1,579.99. …
  • Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Home Gym. Price: $2,649.99. …
  • Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym. Price: $999.00. …
  • Body-Solid EXM1500S Home Gym.

What is the most used gym equipment?

Image result for leverage gym equipment
leverage gym equipment

List of Top 10 Commonly Used Commercial Gym Equipment

  • Training bench. A basic but multi-purpose training bench is a must-have in your gym. …
  • Dumbbell set. Also an important necessity for beginners, young athletes and seniors. …
  • Treadmill. …
  • Stationary Bikes. …
  • Free weights. …
  • Rowing Machines. …
  • Low-impact treadmills. …
  • Ellipticals.

Which company gym equipment is best for home?

The 37 best home gym equipment of 2021

leverage gym equipment
leverage gym equipment
RankBrandBest for
1P.volve Starter KitBest for beginners
2BowflexBest value
3Alo YogaBest for yoga
4TempoBest for weightlifting
leverage gym equipment

Is a home gym worth it?

One of the biggest advantages of having a home gym is that you can exercise whenever you want and not just when the gym is open. … Home gyms are also more convenient than gym memberships because they’re right at home, making it a lot easier for you to fit workouts into your day.

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