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9 gun safe Liberty Safe America’s Fire Safes, Home Combination 2022

5 Gun Safe Liberty Safe America's Fire Safes, Home Combination 2022

9 Gun Safe Liberty Safe America’s Fire Safes, Home Combination 2022

In the Russian Federation, each weapon must store by certain rules. People will need to consider this factor when purchasing hunting attributes.

By order of the Ministry Interior No. 288, storing firearms at home is established. This document defines the rules for its storage and handling. All hunting equipment and ammunition should store in a fireproof safe. Weapons must be unloaded. The order also indicates the features that the device must meet.

1. The thickness of the metal

There are many luminaires on the market today. For many, the metal thickness does not exceed 1.5 mm. It will be very easy for a thief to break it; you don’t need a special tool.

Some manufacturers go for the trick and put reinforced locks in thin-walled cabinets. But this is just an advertising gimmick to improve the sale of your product. As mentioned above, opening such a safe will not be a big problem for a thief.

For the safe storage of hunting attributes, the wall thickness must be at least 3 mm. Legal entities are required to store their accessories in cabinets with these characteristics. 3 mm is the minimum safe value at which a weapon can store. 

Currently, you can find a decent product with a wall thickness of 3 mm and an opening door of 5 mm at an average price. If the family budget allows, you can buy an anti-theft product. The body structure is made of several layers of composite materials.

2. Types of locks

These are devices of several types.

  • The encrypted electronic lock is considered one of the most reliable products. It is often purchased when there are small children in the house.
  • Key locks are simple and reliable.

People’s opinions are divided. Someone needs a coded device, and others prefer a key mechanism. Ease of use (opening speed) depends on the type of lock. The class of the product influences safety.

The main advantage of electronic locks is they do not need keys. They are easy to handle. It is their main advantage. But such locks work from batteries, which will have to be replaced periodically.

Key locks are cheaper, durable in terms of service life. They don’t need a power source. Key devices are inferior to electronic counterparts in terms of functionality and convenience. If small children live in a house, it is better to prefer a combination lock. I could not receive the code. The child is free to use the key.

3. The mechanism of the crossbar

The reliability of closing the door leaf directly depends on the number and size of the crossbars. This mechanism is considered the main part of the lock. Protects the safe from breaking. Solid steel bars will securely close any door. The swivel device activates them. When the door is opened, the crossbars are inside; they go into special grooves in the base when closing. Such devices are of various designs.

The thicker the bolts, the more difficult it is to break into the housing. The locking system can provide the maximum degree of security on all sides. But this is not the case with simple device designs. The door leaf is blocked by the lock bars on one side only. It provides the lowest level of protection against burglary.

During the operation of the crossbars, their slack is not allowed. They should fit snugly. Rotation around its axis is possible. It prevents an intruder from cutting the crossbars. When buying a fireproof device, you should pay attention to the tightness of the door to the base. The gap between them must be minimal. It will be harder for burglars to open it because it is difficult to crawl into such a small gap.

4. Cabinet capacity

You need to choose a safe with a larger capacity. The extra space won’t hurt. Indeed, over the years, the hunter’s arsenal can be supplemented with new types of firearms that will be longer and wider. It will help to avoid unnecessary financial costs of purchasing a new device. You can also put optics, cartridges, money and valuables in a large cabinet.

5. Safe interior

The inside of a gun cabinet can have a different look. Its functionality directly depends on this. The space is usually divided into several sections. It necessarily includes a vertical partition and several crosswise, depending on the size of the product. Weapons are often stored separately, the rest of the accessories in other compartments.

There should also be a small lockable compartment. It put bullets in it. Firearms and ammunition must store separately. It is a requirement of the Ministry of the Interior. It would help if you chose a fireproof cabinet taking into account the size of the cartridge compartment, so as not to put them on shelves later.

The structures are most often made so that the shelves inside are removed. This way, you can make room for additional weapons. For ease of use, many manufacturers make shelves with small sides. Packaged items do not roll down and do not fall out. It is very practical.

Many storage devices come with cradles. These are special weapon racks. They fix the hunting attribute in a strictly vertical position and do not allow it to go to one side. Recently, many manufacturers have started equipping their products with roller beds. They ensure reliable immobilization of the rifle in a vertical position. The use of such a device is very convenient.

6. Installation features

The fire-resistant cupboard is attached to the wall with anchor bolts. The best place to install is to find a hidden place from view. It shouldn’t be satisfactory. The best option would be a room that would limit the thief’s freedom of action. 

For example, you can only get close to the safe’s door leaf in a dressing room or narrow pantry. And she is an impregnable element of the device. Hacking it will be inconvenient for a potential attacker; it will take a lot of effort.

If a person lives in a private house, the basement would be an excellent option for placing a storage device. A limited number of people know about the presence of this room in the home. Even if a thief finds a safe, it won’t be easy to disassemble it.

It is best to fix it with anchor bolts to the floor or wall. You can do it with a blow yourself. An impact drill will also work. It is almost impossible to pull out the anchor bolts. They can only be cut off, but it requires crawling space.

7. Service and warranty

Any device can break. Insurance does not cover even the highest quality item against breakdowns and emergencies. Eventually, a person may forget the code or lose the key. The lock may break The manufacturer’s obligations regarding service and warranty must be specified. Man must be sure that he will not be left alone with the problem in the event of force majeure.

During the warranty period, the person has the right to contact the store where the safe was purchased in case of any questions. All necessary contacts, signatures and seals must be on the warranty card.

It is better to discuss and find out all the nuances right away than to get upset later because of the wrong product choice. Be sure to look at the certificate of conformity GOST R 50862-2005. If the store did not deliver it at the buyer’s request, it is better to purchase elsewhere. If problems arise during the operation of the device, the office will not help the client.

8. Assessment of safes for smoothbore weapons

This device is very popular for its low prices – up to 11,000 rubles. They have an uncomplicated lock, and the thickness of the steel coating is only 2-3 mm. The capacity is also not outstanding – up to 5 weapons. Of course, the device’s dimensions are also small; they can be installed in almost any room.

Such a device must be solidly and reliably assembled due to its lightweight (see details on safe assembly). Similar magazines will reliably care for weapons; they do not take up much space and are inexpensive. Combining these features makes this type of cabinet suitable for owners of a pair of hunting rifles. 

Russian safe brands AIKO, Best Safe, Promet have made a name for themselves on the market and are leaders in it.

From the large number of products offered, we chose the five most attractive candidates, compiling the type of top safes for smoothbore weapons:

9. In this article, you will read.

  • What is a gun safe?
  • What is a gun safe for?
  • Control of how weapons are stored
  • Gun safe requirements
  • Class S1 according to the PN-EN 14450 standard
  • Other standards for gun safes
  • Weapon safe – types

What is a gun safe?

The safe is most often in the form of a small metal gun cabinet. Its door should be equipped with a solid lock that prevents it from being opened by unauthorized persons. In addition to the traditional lock, some models are equipped with a combination, biometric or electronic lock.

A gun safe should meet certain legal requirements. They are specified in the Ordinance of the Minister of the Interior on the storage, carrying and recording of weapons and ammunition Failure to do so may result in, among other things, receipt of a firearms license.

What is a gun safe for?

The gun safe can use to store both handguns and long weapons. It is a type of protection that prevents weapons from falling into the wrong hands.

Control of how weapons are stored

Under Art. 27, section 1 of the Act on weapons and ammunition for the control of, among other things, the manner of storing weapons is authorized by the competent Police authorities. However, in the case of professional soldiers, these are the competent military authorities.

Gun safe requirements

All legal requirements are specified in the Ordinance of the Minister of the Interior on the storage, carrying and recording of weapons and ammunition. According to the document’s provisions, the weapon should be stored in devices that meet the requirements of at least class S1 according to the PN-EN 14450 standard.

Class S1 according to the PN-EN 14450 standard

PN-EN 14450 is the lowest of the existing standards for safes. This designation determines the resistance to attacks at SU / TP points and describes the lock with which the gun safe should be equipped.

However, this standard does not define the thickness of the walls, the weight of the safe and the method of its anchoring. Only the minimum mechanical strength for the anchor hole is indicated – 20 kN.

This safe should have a special certificate (usually in the form of a plate), which will confirm the quality of security. In addition, any firearms inside must be unloaded.

Other standards for gun safes

Some users believe that S1 class safes cannot provide adequate anti-burglary protection. If you want to increase the security of the safe’s contents, it is better to choose a higher anti-burglary class, e.g. class S2 or class 0 (according to the PN-EN 1143-1 standard).

Some believe that it is better to choose a safe with a higher security class because there are many indications that changes in the scope of stricter regulations and increasing the level of security will occur. Therefore, to prevent the need to replace the old safe with a new one that meets the more stringent regulations in the future – it is best to purchase a device with a higher security class immediately.

The method of closing the safe is also an important aspect. It can be a classic lock, a biometric lock, an electronic code lock or a combination lock.

It is also worth mentioning that the S1 and S2 classes differ from each other not only in the type of security but also in what can be stored in a given safely For example:

  • class S1 – property value up to PLN 54 962.40,
  • Class S2 – property value up to PLN 109,924.80.

Satisfied [ Hide ]

1 Feature of selecting a gun safe
1.1 The thickness of the metal
1.2 Types of locks
1.3 Crossbar mechanism
1.4 Cabinet capacity
1.5 Safe interior
1.6 Installation features
1.7 Service and Warranty
2 Assessment of smoothbore safes
2.1 Aiko Hummingbird
2.2 Hunter-81
2.3 Valberg Arsenal 100T
2.4 Eagle type 12

3 TOP safes for storing small arms
3.1 Altai
3.2 Leopard-5 EL K
3.3 Valberg Arsenal 100T EL
3.4 BS95.L3
3.5 Valberg Safari EL
Four elite safes
4.1 Valberg Arsenal 130/2 EL
4.2 EL Bars
4.3 BS95.EL
4.4 Technomax TLS / 11
4.5 Valberg Safari D *
5 Safes for storing collector’s weapons
5.1 Armwood-TS3.074 Flock
5.2 Liberty Centurion 12BKT el
5.3 Rhino AIW6033 EL Supreme
5.4 Liberty National Security Magnum 25CP2-BC
5.5 Fort Knox® Protector 6031MSbc Pe SST
6 Corollary

Weapon safe – types

Weapon safes can be classified not only in terms of the anti-burglary security class. They can also be used as free-standing or built-in models.

Other types of safes can also be mentioned, including:

  • armoured for weapons – they can store short and long weapons, ammunition and valuable, valuable items; most often, they are equipped with a combination, electronic or traditional lock with a key,
  • for short weapons – usually smaller sizes due to their purpose, they are equipped with several security features that prevent their opening by unauthorized persons,
  • Hunting weapons usually have additional shelves and stashes, e.g. for ammunition or additional weapons used during hunting.

A gun safe is designed to protect the collection from falling into the wrong hands. According to the law in force, this type of device should be at least S1 class according to PN-EN 14450

As already mentioned, the method of storing weapons can be controlled by the appropriate police authority. Mass control in the Małopolskie Voivodeship took place, among other things, before World Youth Day 2016. It is worth taking care of proper storage and ensuring access to the weapon only for yourself – as its owner.

Why are firearms safes essential?

The safety of your loved ones should be your priority. To provide them, you need a specially dedicated firearms cabinet. Many people have hunting weapons or rifles in their homes but usually do not keep them with the care required. On the other hand, properly securing the weapon extends its life and ensures that it will not fail when the time comes to use it.

Keeping guns away from children should be one of the most important things. As long as firearm is locked in our safe, children and, e.g. our guests, will not gain access to it. Stealing an armoured cupboard is much more difficult than stealing its contents. By placing a pistol or a shotgun in our safe, you can be sure that your family will be safe.

Where to put the safe so that it is safe?

It would help if you remembered a few things before giving your firearms maximum protection. First things first: keep the gun cupboard out of sight. It should blend in with the interior design or be installed where children and unauthorized persons are not visible. 

It’s much easier to steal a safe and break into it somewhere other than in your home, where a thief feels the pressure of time. So if a burglar wastes precious minutes locating your gun cabinet, his chances of success are drastically reduced.

Second: resist the temptation to place a key or clues to a combination of numbers near the wardrobe. It’s very easy to open the safe when the key is next to the lock. So put it away, in a place that only you know about.

Refine by brand

  • Liberty Safe
  • Winchester Safes
  • Browning
  • Stack-On
  • Cannon
  • SentrySafe
  • Secure-It
  • GunVault
  • American Furniture Classics
  • Hollon Safe
  • First Alert
  • Safewell

Which safe is the best for firearms?

Our online store has a lot to offer from companies such as:

Safetronics; Hartmann-Tresore; Konsmetal; TREZOR-VIKTOR; and many more from other manufacturers.

New and certified firearms safes are available in many different shapes and sizes. You can easily select the best and latest products using the filtering in the “Safford selection guide” to help you find the right and cheap safe almost immediately! Each product has a very detailed description, safety and fire resistance assessment to help you optimally match the safe to your needs.

What weapons can be stored inside?

Most firearms cabinets are made of the highest quality steel and can store any firearm. You don’t have to think much about it. However, some safes are dedicated to hunting weapons and others to handguns. Depending on what type of firearm you want inside, you can narrow your choices. How much do firearms cabinets cost?

Safford sells firearms safes for reasonable money. The times when safes were a luxury item are a thing of the past. Everyone will find high quality at an affordable price. Manufacturers consider various factors and make customized armoured cabinets in almost all aspects. 

Use the filter tool in our e-shop to sort our products, considering the price and dimensions you are interested in. We always have promotions and discounts on products in every safety class and size.

Remember that you can also write to us, taking into account your budget and wishes related to the product you are looking for so that we can best match the safe to your needs.

We are currently working in the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague, but we can deliver your order to all cities in Poland – Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Lublin, Katowice and many other places. To order and buy a firearms cabinet online in our e-shop, you have to choose the product you are interested in and add it to your basket. 

Then you go to the payment screen – fill in the necessary information – and congratulations! Your order is ready! Now all you have to do is wait for the safe to be delivered.

Installation and operation

Keep in mind that firearms cabinets, like any other category, come in various sizes and shapes. Before buying, make sure that everything is carefully prepared for assembly. Allocated space, holes in the wall or fixing points should be carefully made before purchasing the safe. 

As soon as our product is installed, you must remember that some parts, especially locks, require maintenance. It would help if you replaced the batteries every 2-3 years to ensure their proper operation.

How to choose the class of the safe?

The ordinance of the Minister of the Interior and Administration contains detailed information on individual classes of burglary resistance.

The security class tells us what a given armoured cabinet ensures resistance against burglary. Remember that the certificate equals the quality guarantee, but the higher the resistance class, the higher the safe cost.

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