Healthy Antioxidant Rich Snacks

Research have proven that consuming meals wealthy in antioxidants assist to guard your physique from dangerous environmental pollution. By serving to to thrust back these pollution, antioxidants present a barrier in opposition to coronary heart illness, untimely getting old and a few sorts of most cancers.

The protecting barrier antioxidants offers, is by neutralizing free radicals that enter your physique. Free radicals are merely chemically lively atoms or molecule fragments. They’re lively as a result of they’re electrically charged, both positively, lacking electron(s), or negatively, containing extreme electron(s). This electrical cost seeks to grow to be neutralize itself by scavenging your physique to take away (or donate) electrons, within the course of damaging your wholesome cells.

Though free radicals and oxidation happen naturally, the presence of extreme free radicals (generated by pollution) could cause harm to your physique in extra of what it will probably naturally fight. Each time a free radical is neutralized by an antioxidant, the antioxidant itself is consumed, and is now not in a position to defend your physique. That is why your physique’s stage of antioxidants have to be maintained.

Essentially the most antioxidant wealthy meals are nuts and berries – pure and unprocessed – which make a really tasty and wholesome snack.

The highest seven antioxidant wealthy nuts and berries (when it comes to antioxidant content material per serving) are:

– Blackberries

– Walnuts

– Strawberries

– Cranberries

– Raspberries

– Pecans

– Blueberries

To make it possible for your baby receives the total advantage of theses dietary powerhouses, every snack must be no less than a single serving in dimension.

For the berries, a single serving is 1/2 cup, and for nuts a single serving is 1 oz, or roughly 1/four cup.

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