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Home » How to Choose a Stand-Up Paddle Board Beginners Guide to Buy 2022

How to Choose a Stand-Up Paddle Board Beginners Guide to Buy 2022

How to Choose a Stand-Up Paddle Board Beginners Guide to Buy 2022

How to Choose a Stand-Up Paddle Board Beginners Guide to Buy 2022

How to choose paddle surfboard | Best equipment for beginners

Are you thinking of getting started in paddle surfing and not knowing how to choose a paddle surfboard? If you need to know what a complete paddle surf equipment is made of, this is your post; in addition, from X surf, we not only reveal the secrets of what you should look at when buying your first equipment, but we also offer you the best equipment for beginners, affordable boards so that your first foray into the magnificent world of water sports is fully successful.

If you are here because you need a paddleboard, we should know that we have articles offering you the best board alternatives. A good option, in the beginning, is to acquire a cheap but decent quality inflatable paddleboard; for this purpose, take a look at our post of best cheap paddle surfboards 2021.

Check our index and get to the point, to the information you need the most. 

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1 ➤ Guide how to choose paddle surfboard

2 ➤ Rigid paddle surfboards vs. inflatable paddle surfboards

2.1 ▷ Rigid paddle surfboards

2.2 ▷ Inflatable paddle surfboards

2.3 ▷ The key factors in buying your paddle surfboard

3 ➤ Types of the paddle surfboard, specific for each modality

4 ➤ What paddle surfboard to buy

4.1 ▷ Buy a rigid paddle surfboard, the best, for medium and advanced athletes

4.2 ▷ Buy inflatable paddle surfboard, ideal to start

5 ➤ Tips for choosing paddle surfboard

5.1 ▷ Electric paddle surf inflator

6 ➤ Caring for the paddle surfboard

Paddle surfing or Stand Up paddle surfing in English is a sport that has been gaining wide popularity in recent years, especially since more and more we see people on the beaches with such large boards, which in a way attract both our attention and It is no wonder since paddle surfing is a very good way to do outdoor sports using the vast majority of the body’s muscles.

At this point, you may have read many articles on paddle surfing or have looked for information and videos of what type of board you need. 

Therefore we are not going to beat around the bush and explain the navigation areas or better beaches; we are simply going to List what you have to know to choose your paddle surfboard, especially if it is your first board and you don’t know anyone who can advise you.

➤ Guide how to choose paddle surfboard

The first thing you need to know is that there are different types of tables, each one specific to the level and needs of each person. The boards are divided into rigid and inflatable.


Both rigid and inflatable boards are specific for each type of paddle surfing. The rigid ones were born in Hawaii in the decades of the 50s and 60s, they had large dimensions and were made of wood or similar; it is in the last decade when new possibilities have arisen thanks to the use of materials such as PVC, giving rise to innovations and the creation of the inflatable tables.

To clarify some of the doubts between the types of table that we can find in the market, we will make a short introduction with the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

 Rigid paddle surfboards vs. inflatable paddle surfboards

[In the video, we can make a simple comparison to differentiate the rigid boards from the inflatable ones, although it is in English, the visual content is quite explicit]

 Rigid paddle surfboards – Paddle Board

For rigid paddle surfboards, keep in mind that you will need a large space in your house and a large vehicle if you do not live near the sea. Rigid boards offer the best performance; they do not require inflation or previous preparation. You get the maximum performance. They also offer better ease of use. Without a doubt, they are suitable boards for those who want to take this sport very seriously. It is the table used for competitions.

IF you have just started and do not have a house near the beach with enough space, we recommend starting with the inflatable boards …

 Inflatable paddle surfboards – Paddle Board

Inflatable paddles are a great option if you want to start practicing this sport on any beach. Their easy transport makes it possible for anyone to choose this type of board regardless of the conditions of the navigation area. The inflatable boards come with their paddle and inflation pump and a repair kit.

The biggest drawback of inflatable boards compared to rigid boards is to achieve that level of stiffness and hardness to compete in performance. It is very difficult for an inflatable board to be able to resemble a rigid board in terms of the level of hardness of the materials and their anti-torsion capacity, for this reason:

To obtain a good inflatable paddleboard, we will look for a model with the highest level of hardness and rigidity possible.


Inflatable boards are also the cheapest option, and if you see that paddleboarding is not your thing or you do not have the necessary time, the investment will not have been large either.

 The key factors in buying your paddle surfboard – Paddle Board

The key factors are conditioned by the level of ability and physical condition of each person, such as:

  1. Your level of practice: beginners, intermediate and advanced: Paddle surfing is a sport that does not involve a very high level of difficulty, especially for hiking; you will quickly pick up the paddling rhythm and the necessary balance. You have to take into account that perhaps you are good at water sports and immediately get bored with a board that you just bought, or maybe you need a little more time to catch yourself and evolve; for this reason, you should be realistic and analyze your physical condition and skill level.
  2. Weight of the person and volume of the board: In paddle surfing, your weight also influences, because depending on the weight, we will need boards with greater volume or less volume, this is simply the air capacity that fits inside a paddle surf, as well as how much more volume greater thickness.
  3. Regarding height, it is not an extremely important factor when choosing your paddle surfboard if you choose the right paddle in length.

Tip: Paddle Board

I assure you that if, for example, what you want is to catch waves and you feel capable of doing so, you may immediately get bored with a board for walks, so be realistic, analyze if you have practiced other water sports, analyze your level of balance.

Have you tried surfing? Have you tried a skateboard? With snowboarding? You must know and objectively assess your skills.

We leave you a table with some basic references for choosing your paddle surfboard. Keep in mind that everything in the paddle market is measured in inches.



Less than 65 kg LESS THAN 9 ″ less than 130 liters

Between 65kg and 85kg BETWEEN 9 ″ AND 10 « less than 150 liters

More than 85 kg More than 10″ less than 190 liters


For example, if you want it to go up on your own or if you are going to take children or adults on top since you will need more volume, greater thickness of the board, always looking for greater buoyancy. You can opt for models with more volume if this is your purpose; it does not mean that the table will lose performance; on the contrary, it is much better to go to a greater volume than to a lower one.

➤ Types of a paddle surfboard, specific for each modality

As we have already mentioned, when it comes to acquiring our first paddle surfboard, it is necessary to know so that we want it; there are many types of boards, each one specific for the type of paddle surfing that is intended to be practiced as; crossing or walking, waves, racing, yoga or even windsurfing (there are paddle surfboards to which you can put a mast with a sail)

➤ What paddle surfboard to buy – Paddle Board

Now you know what you have to pay attention to before you even practice paddle surfing. It is essential to acquire basic notions of the types of boards in the market since it is normal that many people do not know how to differentiate between inflatables and rigid, especially newcomers to the sport of Stand Up Paddle Surf.

From X surf, we make your life a little easier; we bring you the best options you can find with quality-price binomial, without spending a lot of money. We offer you the best boards that you will find if you need something to start your wonderful days of sun and beach.

▷ Buy rigid paddle surfboard, the best, for intermediate and advanced athletes.

They are the best, as I have already mentioned, they are the ones that offer the most benefits but with the disadvantage of not being able to store them in a small space. Rigid boards are used mostly to catch waves and go cruising.

Honu 9.8 rigid paddle surfboard »- The classic paddleboard

As a rigid board, we recommend the Honu brand, perfect for beginners and intermediate levels; the construction material is epoxy but with a bamboo finish, which offers great resistance and durability for many years. This board is a little more expensive than an inflatable one. Still, if you already have a bit of practice, it is a superb choice and with which you will spend many years enjoying good stability and great characteristics.


  • Perfect balance and pleasant gliding for waves between 20 cm and 2 m
  • Three retractable keels: central long keel + 2 compatible side keels
  • FCS is Very resistant.


  • Need for a large space to store the table.
  • A large vehicle needs to keep the table.

▷ Buy an inflatable paddle surfboard, ideal to start.

  • Allround multipurpose paddle surfboards – Perfect beginners

These boards are large and wide; they usually have a rounded tip, although pointed ones are.

They are ideal boards for walk-in calm water; we could say that they are the usual ones on sunny days for people of all kinds. These boards do not require a refined technique and are suitable to start in Paddle surfing.

 In no time, you will be able to stand up and start enjoying the sport; you could even catch small waves.

If the board is going to be used by different people, get a standard model, such as multipurpose boards, don’t focus on choosing other more advanced models.

Apollo Allround – The complete Inflatable board 

An excellent economical option, which the X surf team has tested first-hand, is the Apollo brand, a brand with an excellent level of quality-price differentiation.


  • Maximum weight up to 85 kg.
  • Great stability thanks to its large volume.
  • Paddle and repair kit included with the board.


  • Heavy carry bag
  • Not recommended for use by two people
  • Inflatable paddle surfboards focused on the waves – Surf initiation

They are boards in the shape of a normal surfboard but with a larger size; generally, they tend to be thinner, with less volume, ideal for catching waves, and fully focused on the discipline of surfing.

Wave boards require experience and skill; if you already have practice in surfing or water sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing, don’t hesitate and get one of these; they are the ones that offer the most adrenaline and fun.

Aquatone Wave Plus – SUP for waves – Paddle Board

The Aquatone Wave ″ air surf SUP is a great all-rounder and can handle all types of wave conditions. It is built around a traditional high-performance surfboard shape that excels in most conditions.

The Wave Plus is manufactured with a double layer PVC construction; it also has a more curved rocker than a conventional inflatable board; in short, it is a complete board for paddlers and small wave conditions.


  • Classic surfboard shape ensures a complete surf SUP
  • 5mm thick diamond groove EVA pad for maximum grip and comfort
  • The high load weight, up to 150 kg


  • It is an inflatable board focused on catching waves
  • Inflatable paddle surfboards focused on sports such as yoga.

Inflatable paddle surfboards focused on yoga, or open water sports are boards with a large volume and great stability to provide the perfect balance.

They are also good all-around type boards; that is, they can use in any condition.

Grex Paddle Surf Board – The Perfect All-rounder for Yoga – Paddle Board

Among the beginner options, the GR Gimrex brand model stands out, which you can use in all areas, for the family, children and of course, start catching your first waves and even to practice body balance and yoga on the board. . A brand that has manufactured quality and innovative design for all uses.


  • The board includes a complete kit with a paddle, ankle leash. Pump and waterproof bag.
  • It is one of the most versatile options, ideal for many conditions.


  • High price, for an initiation option, although it is true that the table is worth it
  • Inflatable paddle surfboards for race / Touring – Hydrodynamic, long distances

Race boards are narrow and elongated; they require great prior skill and balance, they are suitable for training in the world of competition and long crossings, they are also suitable for a good exercise session.

These boards are only the ones we will choose if we are already in the SUP world; they are not recommended for beginners.

Apollo Inflatable Paddle Surf Board »- Top SalesPaddle surf Apollo 

We must know that the investment is higher for race or cruise models. At Amazon, we find a very competitive and quite inexpensive model of the Apollo brand; with this board, you can do long days of paddleboarding, travel hundreds of nautical miles with a much lower incidence of the wind than in other more standard models. Here we leave you a highly recommended option.


  • It is a table with good materials and manufacturing design
  • Top sales in the Amazon marketplace with excellent ratings
  • repair kit + pump + paddle


  • It is an extremely longboard, not suitable for children or light people

Here are some of the best models to get started in paddle surfing; even so, we recommend from X surf that you take a look at two of our articles that can help you the most with your choice:

Refine by brand – Paddle Board

  • BOTE
  • Body Glove
  • ISLE
  • Lifetime
  • Pau Hana
  • Starboard
  • BIC
  • Connelly
  • NRS
  • Boardworks
  • Red Paddle Co

Tips for choosing paddle surfboard – Paddle Board

Inflation time varies from model to model and air volume capacity. From experience, we can tell you that there are tables where you will need to apply a lot of force to the air pump, but don’t worry, there are electric pumps, which you can connect to the cigarette lighter of your car or van. We consider it an excellent option and highly recommended.

Here we leave you an electric paddle surf inflator capable of inflating any board on the market; you have to put in how many PSI you need.

▷ Electric paddle surf inflator – Paddle Board

Another important factor is to think that we have it made by folding tables. As inflatable paddle users, we can say that a paddle surf backpack takes up a lot of space; if it is true that it occupies less than a rigid board, it is important to know in advance that you will need a central role in your house.

➤ Caring for the paddle surfboard – Paddle Board

If you decide to buy an inflatable paddle, you must learn to take care of your material and make it last a long time:

  • Most models come with a removable fin; you must be very careful in areas with very little depth since these fins tend to split easily; it is best to enter with your sup until the water covers you around the waist and then go up to the table.
  • When you are not using the board, keep it out of the sun, look for the shade; if you are on the beach and there is no shade, keep the board soaking every so often.
  • Always try to wash your board with fresh water after each ride.

Our article offers you a guide on how to choose your first paddle surf equipment; at the same time, we review different boards that could be very good for you if you have just arrived in this sport.

If you want to know beaches in Spain where to use your paddle, we propose the following articles:

What do you think of the article? We hope we have helped you; if you have any questions or want to provide comments, do not hesitate to write to us.

We always like to finish our post with a good feeling, so we leave a video of the best in the paddle, Airton Cozzolino catching waves created by the Red Bull channel.

What is the best paddle board for beginners?The best paddle boards for beginners 2021

  1. Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride MSL SUP inflatable paddle board package. …
  2. Portofino 10ft inflatable stand up paddle board. …
  3. Bluefin SUP 10′8″ Aura FIT SUP. …
  4. Decathlon Itiwit X100 9″ inflatable SUP board. …
  5. Bluefin Cruise SUP package 10’8″ …
  6. M.Y PointBreak 10′ paddle board kit.

How much should I pay for a paddle board?

Inflatable stand up paddle boards can cost anywhere from $200 to $2000 or more. And there you have it. Purely a rough estimate when looking mainly at the board in the package only: $200-$400 cheap, will do the trick for non-hardcore beginners.

What is the difference between paddle board and Sup?

SUP boards are meant to glide over waves, and are generally better used in more stable water. Surfboards are meant to ride with or along waves, and need greater mobility. … Because SUPS are larger, less responsive and less maneuverable it can be hazardous surfing in areas with big crowds.

What is the point of paddle boards?

It’s a brilliant way to keep fit and prevent/improve spinal problems, such as sciatica. SUP is not a weight bearing activity so it’s nice and easy on your joints and also the perfect way to practice your balance and co-ordination!

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