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Home » 10 Nike Kyrie 6 Basketball Shoes Performance Review 2022

10 Nike Kyrie 6 Basketball Shoes Performance Review 2022

10 Nike Kyrie 6 Basketball Shoes Performance Review 2022

10 Nike Kyrie 6 Basketball Shoes Performance Review 2022

With the immense number of basketball shoes to choose from in Spain (which has not always been the case) and its marketing, it is expected that it is difficult to know what to buy to distribute wax. I say marketing because, for example, the new Giannis Antetokounmpo shoes, the Zoom Freak 1, are beautiful and are advertised everywhere, but in terms of performance, neither fu nor fa. For that price, there are much better shoes.  

This list is a top 10 of the best sneakers available in Spain in 2020. No need to order them from the US and make shenanigans with customs. In addition, we must support the Spanish stores that strive to bring us cool basketball things.

Honorable mention: Lebron 16 

  1. Under Armor Curry 6
  2. Jordan Whynot? Zero.2
  3. Nike Zoom Rise 
  4. Kyrie 6 
  5. Nike Paul George PG 2 / 2.5
  6. Nike Paul George PG 3
  7. Adidas Dame 5 
  8. Nike Kobe 1 Pro Tro 
  9. Kevin Durant KD 12 
  10. Air Jordan 34 

Nike Lebron 16

At last, Nike made Lebron a shoe worthy of him. They feature articulated heel-to-toe Airmax, which can sometimes be an unstable set-up, but they’ve nailed it on this model. The worst thing they have is the price, but be careful if you find them with a good discount (outlet or similar), they are worth it. 

1. Under Armor Curry 6  – kyrie 6

The Curry line is super consistent, and these are no less. They are low cut, a rarity being from Curry, who is always given high top sneakers to protect his ankles. As for cushioning, they have HOVR from toe to heel. HOVR is the Boost from Under Armor, a very soft foam. The construction is solid, pretty, and Steph is the master. 

2. Jordan, Why Not? Zer0.2

These have only one small problem: They are tacky! If you like that roll, watch out for these sneakers—the Why Not Zero 1s were fantastic. The worst thing they had was a synthetic fabric that covered the laces, making it difficult to put them on. In Zero 2, they have discarded that fabric, articulated the sole, and improved grip. So if you like the look, they are a good buy. 

UPDATE: I recently got hold of Why Not? Zero.3 is very similar in technology and construction, and I have loved them. You can click here to see a review on these in particular. 

3. Nike Zoom Rize – kyrie 6

The Nike Rize may be the biggest bargain on this list. The Rize are a Nike “team” model for next season. The “team” are usually the cheapest models, and therefore less good than Nike. But this is not the case with the Rize. They have a vast Airmax bag on the toe and a substantial one on the heel, they have excellent grip, and aesthetically they are a 10. Being a “Team” model, it is customary to find them for around 100 bucks, so anything below is a robbery worthy of Pat Beverly. 

4. Nike Kyrie 6

The Kyrie 6 are a hoot. The Kyrie line has always been criticised for the lack of cushioning. It does not carry any premium materials (at least in the primary colourways) 6 o’clock changes everything. They feature a mix of premium performance materials and premium materials, such as leather on the heel. The cushioning issue has been addressed by using Zoom Turbo on the toe box. Aesthetically speaking, too, in our opinion, they are a 10, taking design details from the Air Yeezy 2 from when Kanye still made sneakers with Nike: the toe strap and the differentiated heel. They have a very drinkable retro-modern look. If you like Kyrie and you need some TOP sneakers… Go ahead!

5. Nike Paul George PG 2 / 2.5 – kyrie 6

The biggest problem you will find with PG 2 and PG2.5 is finding them. They are not easily found two seasons ago, but it is also easier to find them at a reasonable price. They are very similar to the 3, a little stiffer at best, but you will need less time to give them. If you find a pair for € 90, go ahead. 2 and 2.5 are almost the same. The 2.5 have a 1 o’clock strap on the instep, which is more aesthetic than anything else. 

NBA podcast

6. Nike Paul George PG3 – kyrie 6

One of the most beautiful on the list, especially the USA model. The worst thing about these is the time they take to give themselves. Otherwise, they are super top, they gain a lot, and the zoom provides a good combination of damping and track feeling. It happens a bit like the KD 12, which are very well priced to be a signature.

7. Adidas Dame 5 – kyrie 6

The Dame is like Damian Lillard; they get better every year. The Dame 3 are fire, the four more fire, and the five are excellent. For me, the only thing that fails nothing is aesthetics. Some models seem ugly to me, but the support, cushioning, and materials are the best right now, and the price is the cheapest on the list. For me, the colour combination of “Vegas” at € 90 is a 100% success.

8. Nike Kobe 1 Prothro – kyrie 6

One of my favourites on the list The original shoe is one of the best Kobes ever released. This version is a reissue of the Kobe 1, the first signature with Nike of the Black Mamba. Retro look, new technology. It is done. Cool. 

9. Nike Zoom KD 12  – kyrie 6

The latest model in the Kevin Durant lineup features a novel implementation of the Max Air, which is the best cushioning on the market for many. It also has a first-class grip and top support and materials. They are on the expensive side, but for a signature model, it is pretty reasonable. If you find a colourway that makes you tick, go ahead. 

10. Air Jordan 34 – kyrie 6

Here I am cheating. I have not tried these, nor do I know if They will be available in Spain (although I suspect they will). I haven’t even seen them in person. But from everything I’ve been able to read, they sound incredible because of the technology, the materials, everything. Sure they are expensive, but they have to fill this position on the list.

UPDATE: I already have the Jordan 34 in my hands here in Madrid, and they are indeed incredible. At first, they were going to be Luka Doncic’s sneakers, but he seems to have chosen some other Jordan models. I confirm the position No. 1 of the list of the best basketball shoes 2020 

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Kyrie 6: Quick to cut – kyrie 6

Destroy the defences with speed, Kyrie’s Irving attacks from all angles with a first explosive step and the impossible movements of the guard. The Kyrie 6 improves your court acceleration with a large Turbo Zoom Nike Air unit in the antiped and the curved sole for the speed of precision.

Multi-angle cushion – kyrie 6

A spacious and flexible Turbo Zoom Nike Air cushion in the antefé provides comfort throughout the world and is involved when it is turned to improve the acceleration of the court.

Exceptional grip everything – kyrie 6

The outer curve sole wraps the sides of the upper part, making it ideal for precision cuts and movements from side to side fast. The unique traction pattern is designed to grab the amount in all directions.

by Amazon

Blocked support – kyrie 6

A belt of half of the foot embraces on the cords to keep it locked up while crossing over the defence.

Children X

Children stay quickly on the court in the latest Kyrie 6. Built for speed, Kyrie 6 is designed specifically to grow feet that want to move fast.

  • Designed for the creative and unpredictable game of Kyrie Irving, the Kyrie 6 focuses on comfort, control and energy, to help you go fast and stay calm. Inflatable cushioning combines with soft but support foam to respond and smooth transitions from the heel to another, while the piece of the piece and the fluff, the padded necklace encloses it and help you keep one step by In front of the 
  • competition.
  • Closing style: Lace
  • Department: Men
  • Material: Genuine leather, mesh, rubber.
  • Style: Necklace

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