Parrot Nutrition: How and Why

The adage, you might be what you eat is as true for captive birds as for people. Parrots in captivity can not go to the shop, put together their meals or present for his or her welfare. That’s the duty of the caregiver.

There’s an abundance of misinformation on the market concerning avian diet and this text will assist caregivers be taught a nutritious approach to feed their fowl(s).

Feeding Feathers, a Yahoo group, gives a mash recipe that’s the most present and correct instance of a nutrient dense eating regimen.

A mash consisting of natural meals in a ratio of two:1 combined entire grains (select from quinoa, teff, barley, amaranth, kamut, millet, or another grains your well being meals retailer could carry within the bulk part) to legumes (crimson, inexperienced or French lentils, adzuki or mung beans) soaked twelve to fifteen hours to eradicate the phytic acid within the grains and anti vitamins within the legumes, rinsed effectively and cooked, produces a whole amino acid protein chain that’s missing in most parrot diets.

Animal protein just isn’t vital or suggested. Mash will be frozen in four-five day parts. On the time of serving, no less than two darkish inexperienced leafy greens (dandelion, kale, bok choy, spinach, beet greens, carrot tops, mustard, collards, fennel, rappini, broccoli or different nutrient wealthy greens), and two orange veggies (carrots, any orange winter squash together with canned pumpkin, orange bell peppers and different orange veggies) are added, so there’s roughly a fifty-fifty proportion of grains/legumes to the veggies.

Add one quarter to at least one half teaspoon of chia seeds (relying on dimension of fowl) to supply omega three fatty acids and a small quantity of a powdered inexperienced meals like Backyard of Life Good Meals Uncooked Natural Inexperienced Superfood. Make certain your alternative doesn’t comprise lead. Chop or mince very effectively.

A small quantity of fruit will be added or introduced for foraging later within the day. Variations to this recipe will be discovered within the Feeding Feathers Yahoo group recordsdata however be taught the essential mash recipe earlier than making adjustments. Feeding bowls of random chopped meals will lead to malnutrition and is harmful. Suggestions by these making parrot meals who haven’t any scientific foundation for the elements or are primarily based on instinct will not be acceptable. Do not do this to your fowl. Do your analysis or ask at Feeding Feathers.

Serve a few times a day realizing each chunk is nutrient wealthy and that your fowl(s) is being fed probably the most nutritious natural meals out there, thereby selling glorious well being and happiness

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