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Home » 9 Rawlings NCAA Fastpitch Softball Championship Game Ball, Baseball 2022

9 Rawlings NCAA Fastpitch Softball Championship Game Ball, Baseball 2022

9 Rawlings NCAA Fastpitch Softball Championship Game Ball, Baseball 2022

9 Rawlings NCAA Fastpitch Softball Championship Game Ball, Baseball 2022

Softball is a game similar to baseball played with a giant ball (11 to 16 inches or 28 to 40 cm in circumference) on a field that has base lengths of 60 feet, a pitcher’s mound that ranges from 35 to 43 (pro is 43) feet away from home plate, and a home run fence 220-300 feet from home plate, depending on the type of softball being played It was invented in 1887 in Chicago, Illinois, the United States, as an indoor game. 

Other national and regional governing bodies also exist, including the USSSA. The World Baseball and Softball Confederation (WBSC) regulates the game rules in more than 110 countries, including the United States and Canada; before creating the WBSC in 2013, the International Softball Federation fulfilled this role. Women’s softball became a Summer Olympic sport in 1996, but it and baseball were withdrawn from the 2012 program;

There are two rule codes for softball in general. In the most common type, the softball ball slow, allowing the ball, which can be measured is 11 inches, for a feminine league, or 12 inches, for a male society, circumference must be bent on its way to the batter, and there are ten players on the field at a time. [4] Choking and theft of bases are not permitted. 

9 Rawlings NCAA Fastpitch Softball Championship Game Ball, Baseball 2022

In fastpitch softball, the pitch is fast, there are nine players on the field at the same time, and while the rustling and stealing of goals are allowed, the lead is not. [5]The quick throw is the most common form of softball in some states, such as Virginia. The rules of softball vary somewhat from those of baseball. 

Two significant differences are that the ball must be thrown from the bottom: from 15.2 m (50 ft) in slow pitch, or 14 / 13.1 m (46/43 ft) [6] for men/women in fastball versus 60.5ft (18.4m) in baseball – and that seven innings, or 1-2 hours depending on the league, is a regulation game compared to nine innings in baseball. [7]

The name “softball” was given to the game in 1926. [8]Despite the name, the ball used in modern softball is not soft unless a foam practice ball is used. It is about 12 inches (about 30 cm) in circumference (11 or 12 inches for the slow pitch), which is 3 inches (8 cm) longer than a baseball. 

9 Rawlings NCAA Fastpitch Softball Championship Game Ball, Baseball 2022

For children, softball recreational leagues use 11 inch balls up to about 13 years old. The infield in softball is smaller than on an adult or high school diamond baseball but identical to Little Leagues. Baseball; each base is 60ft (18m) from the next, as opposed to 90ft (27m) from baseball. In fastpitch softball, the whole infield is dirt, while the infield in baseball is grass, except at the bases and on the pitcher’s mound, which is earthen. 

Softball mounds are also flat, while baseball mounds are small hills. Softballs are thrown from below, but baseballs are thrown from above. This changes the arc of the ball as it approaches the plate. For example, if the pitcher throws a fastball, in softball, the ball would most likely go up, while in baseball, because the pitcher is on a hill, the ball would fall.

Story – Best NCAA Softballs

First photo of a softball team, Chicago, 1897

Indoor baseball player, 1907

The first known softball game was played in Chicago, Ill. On Thanksgiving Day, 1887. It was played at the Farragut Boat Club during a rally to hear the college football game results. Yale and Harvard University. [9] When the score was announced, and the bets were settled, a former Yale student threw a boxing glove at a Harvard supporter.

In 2002, the sixteen-inch slowball was removed from official ISF rules. However, it is still widely played in the United States under the rules of the Amateur Softball Association of America, or ASA rules.

The 117th meeting of the International Olympic Committee, held in Singapore in July 2005, voted to drop softball and baseball as Olympic sports for the 2012 Summer Olympics. [22] They were reinstated for the 2020 Summer Olympics held in 2021. [23]

Other softballs sanctioning bodies are AAU, NSA, PONY, Babe Ruth League, ASA, ISC, USSSA, and Triple Crown.

Today, softball can be played competitively at college and professional levels. Over 1,500 college softball teams span five different levels: NCAA Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA and NJCAA. [24] There are five professional softball teams: Australian Peppers, Chicago Bandits, Cleveland Comets, California Commotion, and Canadian Wild. 

Equipment – Best NCAA Softballs

Equipment required in softball includes a ball, bat (composite, metal or wood), gloves, uniforms and protective gear. For example, helmets for the offensive team and a helmet, shin guards and a chest protector for the defensive receiver, Crampons, board shorts, face masks and knee pads may also be worn for softball.

Ball – Best NCAA Softballs

Despite the name of the sport, the ball is not soft at all. The size of the ball varies according to the classification of the game; the permitted circumferences in international play are12 ± 0.125 in. (30.5 ± 0.3 cm ), in mass between 6.25 and 7.0 oz (177-198 g) in fastpitch and adults and men 13 years and over for slowpitch,11 ± 0.125 in. (27.9 ± 0.3cm ), mass 5.875-6.125 oz (166.6-173.6g) in slow height for women 18 and under and children 12 and under. 

16-inch softball – Best NCAA Softballs

16-inch softball

In Chicago, where softball was invented, it remains traditional to play with a ball 16 inches (41 centimetres) in circumference. Defensive players do not wear gloves or mittens. 

Bat – Best NCAA Softballs

The bat used by the beater can be made of wood, aluminium, or composite materials such as carbon fibre. Sizes may vary but cannot exceed 34 inches (86 cm) in length, 2.4 inches (6 cm) in diameter, or 38 ounces (1.1 kg) in mass. [32] The standard diameter of the bat barrel for slow pitch and fastpitch softball is 2 1 × 4 inches. [33]Many players prefer a smaller barrel, which reduces mass and allows for a higher swing speed. 

Gloves – Best NCAA Softballs

Playing softball

All defensive players wear field gloves made of leather or similar material. Gloves have a strap between the thumb and forefinger, known as a “pocket”. [35] No part of the glove must be the same colour as that of the ball, including its seams. The pitchers are also not allowed to have white on their gloves, including the seams. 

Uniform – Best NCAA Softballs

Fastpitch softball batter in helmet with mask

Each team wears a distinctive uniform. The uniform may include a cap, jersey in team colours and player numbers, compression undershorts/shorts (optional), socks and sports pants/shorts. The team must have all of its members wearing the same uniform. [27]

Caps, visors and headbands are optional for players and must be the same colour. Hats are compulsory for male players. A fielder who chooses to wear a helmet or face shield is not required to wear a cap. 

Protective gear – Best NCAA Softballs

Catcher wearing helmet and breastplate

A headset should have two ear cups, one on each side. Damaged or altered helmets and cages are prohibited. Batters and runners must wear helmets. In NCAA fastpitch softball, players have the option of wearing a helmet with or without a face shield. Most women’s travel softball teams for fast softball require the batter to wear a helmet with a face shield. In men, fastpitch masks are usually only used for medical reasons. In fastpitch, the catcher must wear a protective helmet with a face shield and throat protector, shin guards and a body protector. Shin guards also protect the kneecap. 

Referees – Best NCAA Softballs

The plate umpire often uses an indicator (sometimes called a clicker or counter) to track play.

The referees make decisions about games, like an American football referee. The number of umpires in a given game can range from a minimum of one to a maximum of seven. There is never more than one “plate umpire”; there may be up to three “base officials” and up to three other officials positioned in the outfield. Most fastball games use a team of two umpires (one at plate umpire, one at goal).

Officials are often referred to as ‘blue’ because of their uniforms – in many jurisdictions, including ISF, NCAA, and ASA games, referees wear navy blue pants, powder blue shirts. 

Gameplay – Best NCAA Softballs

A softball game can last 3 to 7 innings or 1 to 2 hours, depending on the league, the rules, and softball type. [40] The teams take turns stroking. Officially, which team bats first is decided by a toss, [27] although a league may decide otherwise at its discretion. The most common rule is that the home team hits second. The second batter is also referred to as the “last at bat”. 

Pitching – Best NCAA Softballs

Play often, but not always, when the referee says “Play Ball”. Once the batter is ready and all defensive players (except the catcher) are in fair territory at their respective positions, the pitcher stands at the pitching plate and attempts to pitch the ball past the batter at the bottom—receiver behind the plate. The throw, or throw, must be done with a sneaky movement.

Not slow and 16 inches – Best NCAA Softballs

The target is generally used in slow pitch softball. In some forms of slow throwing, the pitched ball must hit the black mat behind the base to count as a strike.

In 16-inch softball and several slow-pitched varieties, the pitch is lobed so that the ball rises above the batter’s head and lands on a small rectangular area on the floor behind the ball. 


What are the differences between baseball and softball?

Baseball and softball require both bats, balls and gloves, and at first glance, they are pretty similar. However, the operation and the rules are somewhat different from one sport to another.

Here’s what sets these two Olympic sports apart.

Field – Best NCAA Softballs

The two fields are of different dimensions. In the Olympics, the distance between each base is 90 ′ (27.43 m) in baseball and only 60 ′ (18.29 m) in softball.

Joey Lye, left, slips under the glove of Dutchman Chantal Versluis (23) to get to second base in the first inning of the final for bronze at the Softball World Cup in Oklahoma City on July 2, 2012. Canada won 11-8. (AP Photo / Sue Ogrocki)

Additionally, while the fence of most baseball fields is 400 ′ (121.92 m), the farthest point in softball is approximately 220 ′ (67.06 m) from the goal plate.

Who uses the more giant balls? – Best NCAA Softballs

A softball is more significant than a baseball. The first measures between 11.88 inches and 12.13 ″ (30.18 – 30.81 cm) in circumference weigh between 6.25 and 7 ounces (0.39 – 0.44 lbs). The second measures between 9 ″ and 9.25 ″ (22.86 – 23.5 cm) in circumference and weighs between 5 and 5.25 oz (0.31 – 0.33 lb).

Canadian National Softball Team pitcher Danielle Lawrie throws during practice at the Canada Cup International Softball Championship in Surrey, B.C. on July 17, 2018. (THE CANADIAN PRESS / Darryl Dyck)

Who uses the giant bats? – Best NCAA Softballs

Baseball bats are generally longer than softball bats. While the former can up to 42 ″ (1.07m), the latter usually measures no more than 34 ″ (0.86m).

Andy Stewart hits a home run in the third inning at the Pan Am Games in Winnipeg, July 25, 1999. (PHOTO PHOTO / Tom Hanson)

Is the ball thrown over or under? – Best NCAA Softballs

The most apparent difference between the two sports is how the pitcher throws the ball. Simply put, baseball pitchers throw overhead, while softball pitchers pitch from below.

In softball, the pitchers are located just 43 ′ (13.11 m) from the base and propel the ball at over 96 km / h. In baseball, 60’6 ″ (18.44m) separate the batter from the pitcher, who throws at a speed often more than 145 km / h. So even though pitchers reach much higher rates in baseball, the shorter travel distance in softball means that ball velocity is similar in both sports.

Another point of comparison is the surface from which the launchers activate. In baseball, it’s a mound of dirt, but it’s just a circular flat surface of the clay in softball.

Softballs for sale – Best NCAA Softballs

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How long do the matches last? – Best NCAA Softballs

Regular baseball games have nine innings but can stretch a few of the teams that are tied. Softball games have seven innings but may be cut short if one team has a significant lead over the other, such as 15 runs after three innings or seven runs after five innings.

Has Canada ever won an Olympic medal in baseball or softball?

Canada has competed in the last two Olympic baseball tournaments, finishing fourth in Athens 2004 and sixth in Beijing 2008. Recently, Canada has had great success at the Pan Am Games, winning gold in Guadalajara 2011 and Toronto 2015, then silver in Lima 2019.

In addition, Team Canada has competed in four Olympic softball tournaments, finishing fifth in Atlanta 1996, eighth in Sydney 2000, fifth again in Athens 2004 and fourth in Beijing 2008, after a semi-final loss to Australia. The Canadians won eight medals at the Pan American Games, including their first gold medal captured at Toronto 2015.

Canadian softball and baseball teams will have the opportunity to qualify for Tokyo 2020 at international tournaments in 2019.

What brand of softballs does NCAA use? – Best NCAA Softballs

Rawlings NCAA

What size softball do colleges use? – Best NCAA Softballs

10 and under teams typically use a softball with a circumference of 11 inches and diameter of 3.5 inches. 11 and up age teams typically use a softball with a circumference of 12 inches and a diameter of 3.8 inches.

College softball teams – Best NCAA Softballs

  • Oklahoma Sooners Women’s Softball
  • Oklahoma Sooners Women…
  • Alabama Crimson Tide softball
  • Alabama Crimson Tide soft…
  • Florida Gators softball
  • Florida Gators softball
  • Georgia Bulldogs softball
  • Georgia Bulldogs softball
  • Oklahoma State Cowgirls softball
  • Oklahoma State Cowgirls…
  • Washington Huskies softball
  • Washington Huskies softball
  • Michigan Wolverines softball
  • Michigan Wolverines softball

Will there be NCAA softball in 2021? – Best NCAA Softballs

The Women’s College World Series, consisted of the eight remaining teams in the NCAA Tournament was held in Oklahoma City at USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium, and ended on June 10, 2021.

2021 NCAA Division I softball season – Best NCAA Softballs
Number of teams286
Preseason No. 1UCLA
Defending ChampionsUCLA
TV partner/sESPN & ESPN+

What does NCAA stand for in softball? – Best NCAA Softballs

National Collegiate Athletic AssociationAs with other intercollegiate sports, most college softball in the United States is played under the auspices of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) or the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

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