Red Footed Tortoise: Diet

Having an accurate and nutritious diet to your Purple Footed Tortoise is maybe essentially the most important a part of its care. An accurate food plan insures that your Purple Footed Tortoise properly develop accurately, keep sturdy, keep wholesome, and even decide the standard of the colours on the tortoise.

Principally, a Purple Footed Tortoise’s food plan will be damaged down into three elements: leafy greens, fruits, and dietary supplements

Additionally bear in mind the record under will not be full, however as a substitute they supply an correct guideline to your tortoise’s food plan.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are an important staple in your tortoise’s food plan and needs to be the vast majority of your tortoise’s food plan as a result of vitamins which can be packed in them. A number of fundamental leafy greens that you could be like to incorporate in your tortoise’s food plan are romaine lettuce, collard greens, mustard greens, kale, and sometimes spinach.


Fruits are one other essential a part of your Purple Footed Tortoise’s food plan. These fruits embrace tomatoes, strawberries, blue berries, black berries, apples, melons, papaya, and bananas.

Fruits ought to solely be fed two to a few occasions each week as a result of how candy they’re. If a Purple Footed Tortoise is fed an excessive amount of fruit that’s all it should wish to eat and it will not obtain the important vitamins that come from the leafy greens.

Dietary supplements

To reinforce your tortoise’s food plan dietary supplements are used, most significantly a calcium complement. The calcium complement is essential as a result of it insures wholesome and powerful bone and shell improvement. These calcium dietary supplements will be purchased at any pet retailer with a reptile part or on-line. Calmly mud your tortoise’s meals with the calcium complement on a semi-regular foundation.

Meals to Keep away from

A frequent mistake made by new tortoise house owners is shopping for and feeding their tortoises pellet meals. Pellet meals do not contribute important vitamins to your tortoise’s food plan and so they additionally comprise grain merchandise that are a explanation for pyramiding tortoise shells.

Additionally, all different human meals shouldn’t be fed to your tortoise, besides those talked about on this article and different sources.


It’s also essential that you just hold a relentless water supply accessible to your Purple Footed Tortoise. I hold a shallow dish of water in my tortoise’s habitat. Be certain the dish is sufficiently big to your tortoise to get into as a result of it could possibly double as a soaking pan.

You should definitely change the water recurrently as a result of dust and different waste merchandise properly get into it frequently.

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