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Home » Livestrong LS8.0E elliptical Trainer – Fitness Superstore Reviews 2022

Livestrong LS8.0E elliptical Trainer – Fitness Superstore Reviews 2022

Livestrong elliptical

Livestrong LS8.0E elliptical Trainer – Fitness Superstore Reviews 2022

Everybody has a hero or two — an individual we admire and respect. Within the sporting world, one such hero is biking nice Lance Armstrong. An impressive athlete, he has additionally gained a troublesome battle with most cancers, together with aggressive biking victories too quite a few to the listing.

So when Lance Armstrong put his title of a line of health machines, folks took discover. Whereas many people could not be capable of affording Armstrong’s merchandise after they’re new, definitely another choice is to search out one promoting as a bit of refurbished health gear. This is some details about the Livestrong 12.9E incline elliptical cross coach.

Key Options: Livestrong elliptical

This elliptical coach is an exceptionally standard kind of health gear. It offers an environment-friendly full physique exercise that additionally has important cardiovascular advantages. These machines usually are not troublesome to make use of, and the 12.9E isn’t any exception. It is filled with all of the options you want to maintain your exercise on observation. With 10 programmes, this elliptical is definite to maintain tempo with you as you progress towards your health targets.

Shopping for the 12.9E as a bit of refurbished health gear places it in the vary of many individuals’ budgets. Simply plug your in iPod, MP3 participant or different audio system, and get going! There are high-quality audio systems and a handy headphone jack as properly. One other characteristic you are certain to understand is the 12.9E’s energy incline, which lets you work tougher, and maximise your exercise for superior leads to much less time. A studying rack provides comfort.

Livestrong elliptical

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Product Description: Livestrong elliptical

The 12.9E options have a big 20″ (51cm) stride that may accommodate nearly any person. There are 20 ranges of resistance and 21 incline ranges so that the coach might be adjusted for all kinds of health ranges. The flywheel weighs 10kg. To vary settings on the fly, the machine has 10 keys for shortly altering the resistance and incline. The programmes embrace the next exercises: guide, interval, weight reduction, fixed watts, random, reverse prepare, 2 inclines and a pair of customized. The progressive Livetrack™ health journal tracks your progress.

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Product Specs: Livestrong elliptical

The coach screens coronary heart fee using sensors within the handgrips. It doesn’t fold for storage and weighs 97.5kg (gross weight) and 89.8kg (web weight). Gross weight is the burden of the merchandise when packed for delivery. The 12.9E will help the most person weight of 147kg (23rd). It requires a connection to mains energy and is designed for dwelling use. The open dimensions are 190cm x 73cm x 173cm (L x W x H). There’s a lifetime guarantee on the body, together with three years on components, and one 12 months on labour.

Are you a dedicated runner who can’t handle the impact anymore — or would you be one if it weren’t for all that literal pounding of the pavement or trail? If you take up running on the elliptical, benefits you can look forward to including almost everything you expect from running, along with the blissful absence of repeated pounding on your joints.

Your Heart Will Thank You – Livestrong elliptical

Whether you’re walking or running on the elliptical trainer, and regular aerobic exercise provides enormous benefits for your cardiovascular system. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute sums up the many scientifically-proven benefits of regular aerobic exercise for your heart and lungs:

  • Reduces your risk of coronary heart disease
  • Improves circulation
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Reduces high blood pressure and triglycerides
  • Improves HDL cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol)
  • Might help you quit smoking

If that’s not enough, the type of aerobic exercise you can get on the elliptical benefits your blood sugar and insulin levels too, reducing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes or, if you already have it, helping you manage the symptoms. It even acts as a natural mood booster and can strengthen your immune system.

A Slimmer Waist, Anybody? Livestrong elliptical

If you use your elliptical trainer regularly, you can look forward to a great calorie burn too — which can, in turn, contribute to losing any excess body fat you might be carrying around. Using your elliptical isn’t an instant guarantee of weight loss, but it can do a lot to create the calorie deficit (burning more calories than you take in) that leads to weight loss.

For example, Harvard Health Publishing estimates that a 185-pound person pedalling an elliptical trainer for a half-hour burns about 400 calories. That goes up to a whopping 800 calories if you spend a whole hour on the machine.

You can boost that number even more by adding a few sprint intervals or using an elliptical with moving handlebars that you can push and pull. This will add even more intensity and muscle groups to your physical activity.

If you weigh less, you won’t burn quite as many calories — the same source estimates that a 155-pound person would burn about 335 calories in half an hour, or 670 calories in an hour of pedalling an elliptical trainer — but that’s still an impressive calorie burn. If you maintain that level of physical activity on most days of the week and stick to a “maintenance” calorie intake instead of increasing the amount you eat, you could stand to lose almost a pound a week.

An Elliptical Benefits Your Lifespan

In a study published in an August 2014 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, researchers administered a questionnaire to more than 55,000 adults about leisure-time activity, then followed up after 15 years.

They found that the people who ran as part of a leisure activity had a 30 per cent lower risk of all-cause mortality and a 45 per cent lower risk of cardiovascular mortality when compared to the non-runners, and they enjoyed a life expectancy that averaged about three years longer than that of the non-runners.

But you don’t have to be extremely fleet of foot or spend your entire life running on an elliptical to enjoy those benefits. The same study found that even short runs times and relatively slow running speeds (less than 6 mph) were enough to reduce the risk of mortality.

And that longevity benefit isn’t exclusively the property of runners. Another study, published in an October 2018 issue of JAMA Cardiology after following a whopping 122,007 patients, found that cardiorespiratory fitness was the key to reducing the risk of all-cause mortality. The most important thing is to get your heart pumping and your lungs moving, whether you’re walking on an elliptical trainer, running or doing any other sort of cardiovascular exercise.

If you start at a walk and exercise consistently, it won’t be long before you can break into a run — and remember because your feet never leave the elliptical trainer’s pedals, you won’t have to endure the same jarring impact from your footfalls that come with running on a treadmill, track or trails.

Tip – Livestrong elliptical

Although it’s considered a low-impact form of exercise, using an elliptical trainer is still classified as a weight-bearing exercise, which can help you maintain stronger, healthier bones in your lower body.

How Much Elliptical Time?

So, how long do you have to spend on the elliptical for benefits like those described? Although the exact amount of exercise time varies between clinical studies, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued physical activity guidelines for how long you should work out to maintain good health.

HHS’s minimum recommendations are:

  • 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity per week
  • Or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity per week
  • And at least two days of some sort of resistance training for all your major muscle groups

With that said, more is better. For example, the HHS notes that if you double that requirement to 300 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 150 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week, you’ll enjoy even more extensive health benefits — and that working out beyond that amount brings even more benefits with it.

This is confirmed by studies like the one published in JAMA Cardiology about running reducing all-cause mortality — and another running-oriented study, this one published in an August 2014 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, found that even low running times and slow running speeds helped reduce mortality.

So, every little bit helps. And, as long as you avoid overtraining, the sky’s the limit as you hop on that elliptical and run for long, healthy life.

Livestrong elliptical
Livestrong elliptical

What Ellipticals Can’t Do – Livestrong elliptical

Although you can look forward to several elliptical benefits if you use this machine consistently, there are a few potential downsides. One is that most elliptical trainers restrict the motion of the foot pedals to a defined elliptical path — which is where they get the name. Of course, not every elliptical trainer will fit the natural kinetics of everybody.

Commercial elliptical trainers — the sort you’ll find in the gym — are designed to accommodate the widest variety of body types, but if you’re very tall or very short, you might still find yourself struggling to get comfortable.

Adjusting your foot position within the oversize pedals might help, or you can opt for a “free motion” elliptical trainer if your gym has one. These machines don’t restrict your pedal motion to a single elliptical track, so you can define a comfortable range of motion for yourself. If you’re buying an elliptical for home use, you might have to try several models to find one that fits your natural body motion.

Finally, many elliptical trainers have moving handlebars that you can push and pull as you pedal. While these do offer a way of squeezing in extra work, thus challenging your heart and lungs more and burning more calories, they won’t replace the twice-weekly strength training recommended by the HHS. So don’t forget to put in a little quality time in the weight room in addition to your elliptical workouts.

Conclusion: Livestrong elliptical

For a sturdy, top quality piece of refurbished health gear, do think about the Livestrong 12.9E incline elliptical cross coach, You additionally ought to know {that a} share of every sale goes to Armstrong’s Livestrong Basis, an organisation devoted to preventing most cancers.

How much does a Livestrong elliptical cost?

The result is a unique feel that has proven popular with consumers. The Livestrong LS8. 0E provides good value at $799. It’s not easy to find quality ellipticals sold for this low, but this model comes about as close as any.

Does Livestrong still make ellipticals?

Image result for Livestrong elliptical
Livestrong elliptical

Livestrong offers a complete line of home fitness equipment, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, and exercise bikes, as well as Livestrong by Matrix commercial fitness equipment.

Who makes the Livestrong Elliptical?

Livestrong elliptical

Johnson Health TechThe trainer’s 20-inch stride length produces a natural walking and running motion. Manufactured by Johnson Health Tech, Livestrong Fitness equipment is a proud partner of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Are Reebok ellipticals good?

Image result for Livestrong elliptical
Livestrong elliptical

New Reebok Elliptical Reviews. The Reebok 1210 is a solid design and a decent machine but their customer service is awful. We would recommend that you look at a different elliptical if you are interested in this model. It… Not a bad machine at a fair price but not well equipped for multiple heavy users.

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Livestrong elliptical