The Ayurvedic Diet and 3 Simple Ayurvedic Juice Recipes

The motto of the Ayurvedic weight-reduction plan is: “We’re what we eat” – this precept is being adopted religiously by Ayurveda. This department of historical medication believes that the foundation reason for all well being issues is diet. The Ayurvedic recipes and dietary components worth the person well being necessities and thus counsel that any grievance from the digestive system ought to by no means be ignored. For Ayurveda, juices play an vital function within the weight-reduction plan system.

Beneath we focus on three sorts of Ayurvedic recipes and their well being advantages. It takes about 2 minutes to make them and could be consumed anytime.

1. Tomato Juice

Mix 100 grams of tomato with adequate amount of water to make it medium-thick. Don’t peel off the pores and skin. Don’t add sugar on this as a result of the juice will change into acidic.

Advantages: Tomato juice is sweet for coronary coronary heart well being; it offers energy and the lycopene in tomatoes assist prevents prostate most cancers. The juice improves the digestion degree and acts as a liver tonic with its anti-oxidant properties. It’s wealthy in oxalic acid, citric acid, potassium, Vitamin A, B and C. The juice contributes to your total well being and acts as an energizer.

If you’re affected by hypertension, diarrhea, bronchitis, ulcer, and sunburn, tomato juice needs to be a part of your each day weight-reduction plan.

2. Melon Juice

Peel 2 small or 1 medium-sized melon, take away the seeds, and minimize it into items. Put them in a juicer and add adequate amount of water. If you need, add a little bit of agave syrup however not sugar.

Advantages: Melon is wealthy in nutritional vitamins C and A. It additionally accommodates potassium and magnesium. Melon juice works in direction of stress-free the physique, removes extreme warmth within the physique, and its chilly efficiency relieves tiredness. An individual ought to eat this juice to extend the Kapha ranges and scale back Pitta and Vata ranges. It’s an aphrodisiac too. It additional works as a diuretic and a laxative.

If you’re affected by surprising weight reduction, constipation, ulcer, acidity, urinary tract infections and a scarcity of urge for food, melon juice is sweet for you.

3. Carrot Juice

Wash and peel off 3-5 carrot and put them right into a juicer. Add a little bit of palm sugar and a couple of teaspoons of lime juice. Stir and drink. Don’t retailer.

Advantages: Carrot juice works in direction of nourishing and defending the liver. It’s a wealthy container of important minerals like phosphorus, sulfur, sodium, beta carotene, vitamin A, iron, vitamin C and calcium. It is a superb blood air purifier, alkalizer and an aphrodisiac. Youngsters are normally given carrot juice to spice up their immunity. It’s soothing, nourishing and therapeutic in nature. It protects the physique from most cancers because it accommodates beta carotene, an anti-cancer aspect.

If you’re affected by ulcer, piles, chilly and cough, coronary heart issues and any form of bleeding illnesses, drink a big glass of carrot juice each morning on an empty abdomen.

Time of Consumption

Ideally, these sorts of Ayurvedic recipes needs to be consumed a minimum of as soon as daily – both throughout breakfast or after work hours. Ingesting any of the really useful juices on an empty abdomen will yield higher outcomes.

Please observe that these juices can be found in packed containers. If potential, avoid them as a result of they comprise chemical substances and preservatives that spoil the nice impact of the juices. There isn’t a substitute of selfmade juice.

Aside from juices

Ayurvedic meals shouldn’t be restricted to its juices solely. This is only one section. There are Ayurvedic recipes made with recent greens, fruits and fibrous grains. The concept is to get you accustomed to the straightforward Ayurvedic recipes to begin with after which progressively proceed with different recipes.

Ayurvedic diets hold your physique glowing and energetic. A lot of the Ayurvedic recipes name for little or no salt as a result of salt is understood to trigger fluid retention within the physique, one thing we wish to keep away from. Additional, the Ayurvedic weight-reduction plan helps tame the cravings for alcohol, sodas and occasional

Why Select the Ayurvedic weight-reduction plan?

As a result of…

  • It helps to take care of an excellent physique weight as a result of all of its recipes comprise very low fats and minimal utilization of salt.
  • It helps to take care of an energized and radiant physique as a result of all of its recipes are excessive in mineral, nutritional vitamins and different important vitamins.
  • It helps in direction of simple digestion due to the excessive protein content material in them.
  • Since Ayurvedic recipes use quite a lot of spices like cayenne, garlic, black pepper and ginger, it accelerates the digestion course of.
  • The Ayurvedic weight-reduction plan is filled with diet as a result of all of the recipes name for recent and natural vegatables and fruits.


Aside from being scrumptious, these recipes in addition to the whole Ayurvedic weight-reduction plan make for a wholesome consuming. Attempt these Ayurvedic recipes for your self and share them along with your family members.

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