What Kind of Exercises Can a Martial Artist Do on a Bowflex?

The Bowflex provides a variety of workout routines for the martial artist. It’s possible you’ll contemplate the Bowflex coaching system as one thing just for fashions and physique builders however this isn’t the case. The models are good for that too, however are definitely not restricted to that use.

Martial Arts

Martial arts use a variety of muscle tissues in coaching and sparring. The legs, arms, and again are utilized in completely different throws, kicks, and punches. All of those require agility and muscle power to perform.

The Legs

Your legs are your anchor in martial arts, when throwing a punch they’re what hold you firmly planted. Attempt to think about hitting an opponent whereas suspended in mid air, your punches would push you again with out the anchor of your ft on the bottom and be ineffectual towards your opponent.

To extend leg power you are able to do a wide range of train.

o Leg extensions

o Squats

o Standing leg relax

o Lunges and extra

All of those might be carried out with a Bowflex house fitness center Final 2 version. Along with making you a more practical puncher, the elevated leg power is essential for kicking, grappling, and pickups.


Arm power can be essential in relation to martial arts. You possibly can have one of the best legs on this planet and if the arms haven’t any power then you’ve solely half your arsenal. Hold your arms sturdy and versatile by doing several types of workout routines together with your Bowflex.

Arm Workouts:

o French Press

o Mendacity 45 diploma triceps extension

o Seated biceps curl

o Standing biceps curl

o Seated wrist curl

These will strengthen your arms and wrist making you a extra effectual puncher. Along with utilizing the house fitness center, you too can profit from Bowflex free weights for useless lifts and extra.


Your again is essential in martial arts and different athletic pursuits. The again is taken into account a part of your core and if the core is weak, the remainder of the physique is weakened by it.

Again Workouts:

o Seated lat rows

o Standing lat rows

o Standing low again extensions

o Pull downs/ reverse pull downs

Think about attempting to throw somebody with a weak again, not a reasonably image. Improve your again power and thereby your total power with the various workout routines you are able to do on a Bowflex house fitness center.


Train and weight loss plan are essential to any self-discipline martial arts included. You additionally know that stretching is a mandatory a part of the equation, depend that as doubly so in martial arts. Additionally, you will wish to get cardio work out to extend your stamina for coaching and meets.

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